Grown-ish 2×15 “Tweakin” Review

Zoey should not be trying to smoke weed with Luca in Grown-ish’s new episode “Tweakin.” That’s like your basic cheerleader trying to keep up with Simone Biles. It ain’t the same Boo. It ain’t the same. Also, like show of hands who saw Ana and Aaron’s relationship drama looming? Exactly. Shonda Rimes has us all well prepared for relationship drama and lingering camera angles with deep stare downs and no inner monologues.

“Tweakin” ends the honeymoon phase that was Ana and Aaron and sees them re-evaluating Errrrthang. Meanwhile, Zoey tries to get “Luca Level” by drinking some weed infused black tea. Neither of these things ends well folks. Read on for more DRAMA from this week’s episode of Grown-ish!

Can I say I told you so? Because, like I literally told you so last week, that Aaron and Ana would not last. Oh, and you know what else?  I knew, Aaron did not feel the same way about Ana, as she did about him. Ana has been ALL in, with everything, since her freshman year.  Remember the first party her and Zoey went to?  That was horrible for Ana because it landed her on social media, and not in a good way.

This Aaron drama, is the same kind of train wreck. It’s unfortunate too, because Ana really likes Aaron, and everyone can see she is falling hard for him.  Vivek and Dougie, tell Aaron, “If you are smashing Ana every night and spend all of your time with her, then you guys are in a relationship bro.” Aaron is quick to dismiss their observation, and tires to hook up with another girl, because now Aaron’s an asshole?

I’m so confused with his decisions right now! Damn it Aaron!

I hate to see Ana end up with a broken heart but like, I’m glad she has girlfriends she can rely on to pull her through it. First up, are my favorite twins, and their commentary was brutal but funny as always.  Ana tells the group, that she tries to hold Aaron’s hand in public, but he constantly pulls away, which leaves her confused. Sky says, “Bitch, the last time somebody tried to take a black man’s hand in public, we all ended up on a slave ship!” LMAO 100x. Ana looks waffled until Nomi chimes in and says it’s not just black men its ALL MEN and women too. She would know.

Onto the next thing we can’t stop thinking about in Grown-ish’s “Tweakin”!

Is Luca high all the time? I kinda feel like he is. He and Zoey are enjoying a night in, watching the nature channel, and having you know DEEP discussions about bears. Whatever. Zoey thinks it will be cool to get high like him, so she can see what he sees. He tells her tonight, he will be her shaman. Then he whips out a fierce pink china tea set, and Zoey and I both say, “When did I get a tea set, has it been here the whole time?” Ha! Did you know you can infuse tea with weed? Did you know it will make you high, and stay awake for like 24 hours? Neither did I.

Zoey drinks two cups of tea, much to Luca’s chagrin, and she starts to have some deep thoughts about relationships, love, life, and the world. I thought she would be annoying, but really it calmed her down and she was actually helpful and insightful, especially when it came time to talking to Ana about her drama with Aaron. Stick to one cup though, Zoey, that’s all I’mma say…

Ana decides to take Zoey’s advice, and tell Aaron exactly what SHE wants, which is to be in a relationship with him. The thing is, this is NOT what Aaron wants, and he tells her, relationships are not his thing, he’d rather just continue to sleep with her and hang out with her because she’s cool and all but… BUT WHAT Aaron! WTF!

I was furious with him! I knew this wouldn’t last, and I didn’t like the pairing in the first place, BUT STILL, don’t be an asshole to Ana, Aaron. Come on son! She didn’t deserve that, he could have been honest with her, from the jump and now everything has gone to shit. Now everything is messy and muddled, because he’s part of the friend group, now things will awkward between EVERYONE.

This is why you don’t sleep with your friends! It’s easier to hate someone you break up with, if they are not in the friend group. I really like Aaron, and I think he’s a good guy, but his behavior towards Ana was troubling if not telling of who he really is. I think he’s very insecure, and perhaps he does need sometime to find himself and “explore his options,” just not with Ana by his side.

Grown-ish airs Wednesdays at 8/7c on Freeform .

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