‘One Day at a Time’ Has Been Saved by Pop TV and We’re Not Crying, You’re Crying

This is not a cruel joke. One Day at a Time has been saved!

Pop TV, the home of fan favorite Schitts Creek, is bringing back One Day at a Time for season 4! According to The Hollywood Reporter the show will return in 2020 with 13 all new episodes and we’re just over the moon and going to use exclamation marks AND CAPS when celebrating the return of the kind of show we desperately need in the United States right now.

But it gets better!

CBS will also broadcast the series in 2020 after it’s run on Pop TV. So that means more love for One Day at a Time and the opportunity to bring more viewers to this entertaining, real, and Latinx AF show. Because that’s the reason we love it; it’s Latinx AF. It’s unapologetically Latinx, and queer, and family oriented, and honest to the pain that is PTSD for a single mom. It’s everything we’ve always wanted and we’re so happy that Pop TV is going to give this show more life!

“How amazing it is to be involved with this brilliant and culturally significant series that deals with important themes one minute while making you laugh the next,” Pop TV president Brad Schwartz said in a statement Thursday to THR, “If Schitt’s Creek has taught us anything, it’s that love and kindness always wins. Pop is now the home to two of the most critically praised and fan-adored comedies in all of television, bringing even more premium content to basic cable. We couldn’t be more proud to continue telling heartwarming stories of love, inclusion, acceptance and diversity that pull on your emotions while putting a smile on your face.”

Jeff Frost, the Sony Pictures Television president also told THR, “We are so honored to be associated with this exceptional series. It means so much to so many people. We were never willing to accept that the story of the Alvarez family might not continue and we undertook every effort to ensure that did not occur. We are so grateful to our new partners at Pop and CBS for believing in this series and working with us to bring it back. We are overjoyed to continue to work with the brilliant team of Gloria, Mike, Norman and Brent as well as this brilliantly talented cast.”

The cast was also really excited and posted:

How do you feel about One Day at a Time being saved by Pop TV? Are you as excited as we are? Let us know in the comments below!

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