Britney Doesn’t Want You To Forget Her

Britney Spears is iconic. She’s a legend and will go down in the history books. And no, I am not just talking for 2007.

I am talking for her career.

Now, I admit though I got a little confused over her Instagram post the other day. If you expect anything from her Instagram you know that it’s normally a fashion show, a workout, and probably a random quote here and there.

But this post – well, it seems really normal. A bunch of pictures of her performing.

But it’s the caption that threw the world for a loop.

Say huh?

I immediately wanted to know where we failed Britney? Why would she think we could ever forget her?

It’s like nah Brit, don’t you worry. We know you’ve been working for a long time, and you need a break. We see shit in the media and though we don’t know what’s truly going on, we know that you are going through it.

Forget you?

Girl, please. We’re like: you do you.

Forgetting you ain’t ever an option.


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