5 Favorite Moments from ‘Brooklyn Nine-Nine’s “Debbie”

Debbie took the Nine-Nine on a wild ride in Brooklyn Nine-Nine‘s “Debbie.” And even in the midst of all this crazy we ended up with an episode full of heart, caring, and understanding for a young woman with issues.

1. Rosa connecting with Debbie.

Honestly, we thought that Rosa was playing Debbie. She’s a master at the sarcasm and a fine detective. Of course she would be able to lie and get out of that chair she was tied to. And that’s what we thought she was doing with Debbie, lying. She wasn’t. And in the span of a couple minutes we learned more about Rosa and the kind of woman she is than we have in seven seasons. And we love her even more for it.

2. Jake complementing Amy.

JAKE PERALTA IS THE CUTEST WHEN HE’S TALKING ABOUT HIS BAE AMY SANTIAGO. So what if they’re being confronted by an off kilter cop who stole a bunch of drugs, did a bunch of drugs, and is waving around a gun. He loves Amy and the complements just pour out of him when he talks about his wife, the love of his life. And honestly, we love it. Keep being a badass and loving husband. Amy deserves it.

3. Amy and Holt laughing.

There’s nothing like watching these two bonding with each other like the goobers they are. Leave it to them to make that bonding about how fast they can read journals. *snort* Nerds. Loveable nerds. Our nerds. Also, Boyles face right after this moment will be burned into my memory forever. His face screamed, “What the actual fuck is going on here?” Well, maybe with no cursing. Fudge. What the fudge is going on here?

4. Jake thinking he’s all sexy licking his lips.

Oh Jake, my sweet summer child. What are you doing? Is this how you seduce Amy? Does this actually work? The questions are endless when it comes to this licking of the lips and we’re not sure we want to see more of it. Ok, fine. We would like to see what Amy’s reaction would be if he did that across the bullpen, preferably with everyone around to go, “What in the actual hell is going on here?”

5. Rosa and Jake agreeing to keep a secret.

Who would’ve thought that the secret these two would share is being beaten up by Debbie? Not us and not the rest of the Nine-Nine if these keep mum about it all. Also, it’s in small moments like this where we’re reminded of how strong the relationship between Jake and Rosa really is. They’re family, partners, and friends. And maybe strangers according to Rosa and her sarcasm…

Brooklyn Nine-Nine airs Thursdays at 8:30 EST on NBC.

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