'Wynonna Earp' 4x04 Review: "Afraid"

‘Wynonna Earp’ 4×04 Review: “Afraid”

Wynonna Earp‘s “Afraid” fed the queers with Wayhaught goodness while also scaring the crap out of us with a big bad that put things into perspective for Wynonna. That was paired with some true worry that we have for Nicole and what she did to survive for 18 months without Waverly and the rest of the gang. So, sit back, relax, and read our review for Wynonna Earp‘s “Afaird”!

Giving the Queers What They Deserve

'Wynonna Earp' 4x04 Review: "Afraid"
‘Wynonna Earp’ 4×04 Review: “Afraid”

Thank you Wynonna Earp for single handedly keeping us fed when it comes to queer content. I’m so used to being left behind, no one caring if I saw myself in the content that I consumed. And in the 2 years you’ve been gone, it hasn’t gotten much better. Then you returned and everything has been amazing, week after week.

Seriously, I’m so used to the straight couples getting all the action. And I’m not even talking about the sexy scenes; which I do appreciate and love but don’t need to see all the time to be well fed. I’m talking about the quiet moments in between scenes where kisses are exchanged, ideas are formed, and ass kicking takes places. And where does it happen? BY EACH OTHER’S SIDE!

And that’s what’s so great about Wayhaught. They have their sexy moments, particularly on the kitchen floor during “Afraid.” Which, not as sexy as the reunion in “Friends in Low Places” but still just as amazing. Wayhaught, well they shared kisses in this episode that were so sweet I almost got cavities. They went on adventures together, had the others back, and came out stronger because of it.

And for that I’m grateful to Emily Andras, Dominique Provost-Chalkley, Kat Barrell, and everyone at Wynonna Earp. It’s because of you, the hard work you put in day after day, that I feel seen in the content I consume. Thank you and honestly….KEEP IT COMING!

What is Going on with Nicole?

'Wynonna Earp' 4x04 Review: "Afraid"
‘Wynonna Earp’ 4×04 Review: “Afraid”

Guys, I’m concerned. Like, seriously…what has our Sheriff (she’s my sheriff and I don’t care what anyone says) Haught gotten herself into? What did she do to survive all those months alone or when she had Rachel by her side? Because whatever happened, it’s bad!

And I’m talking about more than that scene at the end. That’s horrifyingly bad. Like really really bad and game changing because Nicole did everything and anything she could to find Waverly and blames herself for all the failures they’ve encountered in the 18 months Waves and the gang were gone.

I’m talking about that moment on the kitchen floor with Waverly. She blames herself for everything and when confronted about it by Waverly, the way that only she can with love and kindness, Nicole doesn’t understand. Seriously, guys…I felt emotional over Nicole not understanding that she doesn’t need to blame herself for how long they were all gone or what happened since then.

With Waverly by her side, I know there’s nothing these two can’t accomplish. And I hope that Waverly gives Nicole the strength to push through this self doubt and hate and rise up like we know she can. And if not, Waverly will need to bring out the big guns and fight for her boo, even if it means giving Nicole the perspective she so desperately needs.

Wynonna Was Really Afraid….

'Wynonna Earp' 4x04 Review: "Afraid"
‘Wynonna Earp’ 4×04 Review: “Afraid”

Wynonna Earp is one of the toughest women I’ve ever known. And by known, I mean the toughest woman I’ve seen on TV. Even when shit is going down, even when everything seems lost, Wynonna Earp finds a way to keep her head up high and her gun at the ready. “Afraid” was one of those rare moments where Wynonna broke.

I think it all started back when she was kidnapped by Black Badge. All of a sudden she had this big and glaring reminder of Dolls staring at her in the face. Yes, it was amazing to see Jeremy for the first time in ages. But I think being there without Dolls pulled at her heartstrings and made her feel vulnerable.

And what does Wynonna do when she feels vulnerable? She goes big! That was working all fine and dandy when sitting next to the Black Badge Weiner and when she ran into Doc. But it went out the window when Wynonna realized that she was all alone, with no weapon, and there was a scary looking big bad staring her down.

Not just any scary looking creature either. A scary creature that for some reason…recognized her and that Wynonna somehow recognized in return. And that right there is some horror movie shit. Wynonna was scared for her life! And if the look on her face after she was saved by Doc is any indication….it put everything into perspective for Wynonna once more.

She might’ve lost Dolls. But she still has her sister Waverly, her best friend Nicole, her baby daddy Doc, and her nerd Jeremy. Their family is still there, alive and kicking, and they will solve whatever the hell is happening in Purgatory, figure out what happened to her gun, and anything that comes their way! Because that’s what family does. That’s what Wynonna Earp does!

Wynonna Earp airs Sundays at 10/9c on SYFY.

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