Book Review: ‘Lore’ by Alexandra Bracken

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  1. Ur mom says:

    I agree, I found my least favorite part of the book was the lack of character development until the very end of the book. Lore was just angry and alone and not growing for like the entire book until everything had to be laid out for her to realize that being angry and alone comes with drawbacks. I also found the insults in the book humorous. Like I get how the excessive use of the b word is supposed to be intimidating, but it just got funny how Lore would be level headed and arguing with someone and they’d just call her a b word all the time instead of actually intellectually arguing back. I loved the Greek mythology and the plot and I loved castor and miles as characters. I really liked the beginning half of the book, the last half was also good it was just the lack of character development started becoming very clear and dragging to the story

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