Someone Give Drew Barrymore a Ukulele for That “Apology” Video

The Drew Barrymore show
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  1. Rich says:

    You are over simplifying what is a more complex situation. First of all, you are dead wrong about the streaming services. The streaming services are losing money, a lot of money (you can google this as there are plenty of articles that have been written about this). That is what makes this issue so difficult and without an easy solution. The actors and writers want more money from the streaming services, but the streaming services are losing money, so how do they pay it?

    The reason that this is complex for her is that she no doubt wants to support the writers and her fellow actors. However, she also wants to put her show on so that the people who work in the studio can get paid. The camera men, the make up people, the sound techs, ect. These are people that can not afford to not work, they have families to feed. She also has to be worried that if she doesn’t put on her show, that maybe it will get canceled. She will be fine, but everyone working for her will be out of work and would probably be out of work for the duration of the strike.

  2. Lyra says:

    Firstly thank you for your comment. Even if I disagree with it, I appreciate you taking the time to say something.

    Streaming services have reported record-breaking numbers of new members joining their services. There have been bonuses and the actors and writers who have made the streaming services what they are today, are being paid pennies. (There are plenty of photos if you want to Google those too.) It’s an unsustainable model and their demands are not out of line. Writers and actors are asking for a living wage, safety, and rules and regulations that will help them not be on welfare, food stamps, and on the brink of losing their homes because they made a measly amount while studios make millions. It’s greed and capitalism at its finest.

    As for Drew Barrymore, I’ve been a long time fan. Every single time that she came on my screen it felt like the world lit up. She had a presence about her that made me want to see more. But we cannot be ignorant of the fact that she has money and comes from money. If she truly cared for the plight of the WGA, she would take money out of her own pocket to help her staff and picket with them. Instead she is apologizing with no plans to change her actions, essentially negating the apology.

    When you say that the situation is complex, you’re totally right. The rich do not want to let go of their wealth and make the playing field a little bit more even. And Drew Barrymore’s actions make it clear she’s ok with an unfair system. The same thing goes for the studios and streaming services that are dragging their feet. The WGA is asking for a living wage while the rich denying a living wage cuz reasons live on yachts, buy mansions, and make millions. The playing field is far from even. So #WGAStrong always and forever.

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