‘Ted Lasso’ & the Power of Friendship: Keeley & Rebecca

We’re counting down the days to Ted Lasso Season 2 by appreciating some of the greatest parts of Season 1. Of course, we have to start with our deep appreciation for Keeley and Rebecca’s friendship.

‘Foundation’ Gets a Trailer and a Release Date

Apple TV+’s Foundation has a trailer and a release date, and our level of excitement for this Asimov adaptation is through the roof.

‘Ted Lasso’ Season 2 Trailer: Everybody Loves a Comeback

Everybody loves a comeback! AFC Richmond is under pressure to rise above relegation in the official Ted Lasso Season 2 trailer. Check it out!

ATX TV Festival Season 10 Top Moments: Day 6

ATX Season 10 just keeps getting better! After the incredible day 5, day 6 was one of those days when you are grateful to have the opportunity to hear these stories that move you. So we review top moments or…

See The Trailer For The Second Season Of ‘The Morning Show’

#TheMorningShow returns this September. See the trailer for the second season of the Apple TV show!

Apple TV+’s ‘Physical’ is A Fun, if Triggering Ride

Apple TV+’s Physical is a fun ride, with amazing performances. Warning, the show can be triggery for those with food related issues.

Apple TV’s ‘Lisey’s Story’ Promises Beautiful Horror

Apple TV+’s Lisey’s Story looks ready to straddle the line between horror and thriller, and it might just be enough to bring in fans of both.

See The Trailer For Apple TV+’s New Show, ‘Physical’

My Grandma used to bust out Jane Fonda tapes and have us all workout with her. I actually thought it was a lot of fun. Aerobics were a lot, but when we’d all toss on our leotards and jump around…

Prince Harry Admitted To Self Medicating With Drugs and Alcohol

In ‘The Me You Can’t See’ Prince Harry opens up like never before and starts conversations that we all need to be having.

Oprah Talks About Why Prince Harry And Meghan Markle Deserve Privacy

Everyone has a right to privacy. I wish that we all took that into account more often. Oprah talked about it and as usual, she has a point.

Prince Harry and Oprah Talk About What Zak Williams Taught Them During Filming Of ‘The Me You Can’t See’

Prince Harry and Oprah Talk About What Zak Williams Taught Them During Filming Of ‘The Me You Can’t See’

See The Trailer For Prince Harry and Oprah’s ‘The Me You Can’t See’

#TheMeYouCantSee is a look at mental health and emotional well being. See the trailer for the AppleTV+ event here.

The AFC Richmond Family Is Back in First Teaser for ‘Ted Lasso’ Season 2

Kindness makes a comeback in the first teaser for Ted Lasso Season 2. You know we’re counting down the days until Ted Lasso returns this July.

Tom Holland Set To Star In ‘The Crowded Room’

You had us at Tom Holland. Then again, you always have us at Tom Holland.

6 Things We Learned from the ‘Ted Lasso’ Panel at PaleyFest 2021

Are you as obsessed with Ted Lasso as we are? Check out 6 things we learned from the show’s panel at PaleyFest 2021!

Apple TV+ lands “Lady in the Lake” Starring Lupita Nyong’o, Natalie Portman

Lupita Nyong’o and Natalie Portman together? Sign us up for Lady in the Lake, which has just landed on Apple TV+

Austin Butler and Callum Turner Join ‘Masters Of The Air’

Austin Butler and Callum Turner are heading up #MasterOfTheAir and yes, this means that it has our interest and we’re paying even more attention.

New on Apple TV+: January 2021

Here’s a list of all the original content coming to Apple TV+ on January 2021, as well as the trailers for some of the offerings.

‘The Emoji Story’ Trailer & Synopsis

We use them every day … and it’s time to learn about their history. We’re talking about emojis. For us, it is as easy as pressing a button but, who discovered this way of communicating? How has it been achieved…

Hailee Steinfeld Talks About Season 2 Of ‘Dickinson’

Season 2 of #Dickinson is going to be different than the first. How? Hailee Steinfeld talks about just how.

EXCLUSIVE INTERVIEW: ‘ANTARCTICA’ Stars Chloë Levine And Kimie Muroya Talk About The Movie, Feminism And Friendship

We still can’t stop thinking about ‘ANTARCTICA’! After watching the trailer and promo photos, it’s time for you to read our exclusive interview with its stars Chloë Levine and Kimie Muroya, as they talk about their experiences in the film,…