Big Hit Music Gives Updates On The Legal Action They Are Taking On Behalf of BTS

Lets all be honest with each other, the internet is a toxic place. One that is both equal parts terrifying and well scary AF. It’s a place where people seem to feel empowered by the anonymity of hiding behind a…

‘BTS’ Announce Their Vacation & Launch Individual Instagram Accounts

There’s lots of #BTS news overnight – their vacation to individual Instagram accounts. See the announcement

See The Trailer For BTS And Coldplay’s Song ‘My Universe’

You need to listen to this video by #Coldplay and #BTS. It will bring you joy.

BTS Postpones ‘Map Of The Soul’ Tour For The Second Time

We appreciate those that are postponing concerts and everything else and remembering that we are in a pandemic. So thank you BTS!

‘Chick Fight’ Promotional And BTS Pics

This week is the Chick Fight premiere and we can’t wait for you to see this movie. After our exclusive interviews with Malin Akerman and Dulcé Sloan, as an appetizer of what awaits you, here we bring you the promotional and BTS…

BTS Delivers A Powerful Speech To The 2020 UN General Assembly

Talk about a powerful speech. BTS delivered on this one.

BTS Members Enroll In Graduate School – Because You Know They Have All The Time In The World

BTS members have enrolled in Graduate School because you know they have all this extra time on their hands.

BTS Postpones World Tour

Am I the only one who would be more shocked if someone said that they weren’t postponing movies or tours? Everyone should be staying home. And yes – I want to go to concerts. I am sad that I won’t…