Fanfiction is Transformative Work That Makes for Better Writers, Period

Fanfiction is transformative work that makes for better writers, period.

‘The Loneliest Girl in the Universe’ by Lauren James

Emily takes us through the story of The Loneliest Girl in the Universe by Lauren James. Mild spoilers, but has a review at the end!

‘The Glass Hotel’ – The Investment That Pays Off

The Glass Hotel is a truly magnificent piece of writing, that is a pleasure to read and leaves you feeling enlightened.

Turning the Pages: “The Honey-Don’t List” by Christina Lauren

Hello, self-quarantine. It’s another month, so you might need another book to keep yourself occupied. Well, internet neighbor, let me tell you about Christina Lauren’s The Honey-Don’t List.

Fangirlish’s 5 Tips for Winning Nanowrimo

One of the biggest challenges faced by any writer, beyond the writers block, the originality, the characters and the plot, is the motivation to write at all. As much as we love it, at times, it can be daunting to…