‘Tell Me Lies’ 1×06 Review: “And I’m Sorry If I Dissed You”

Why is Tell Me Lies so good? Because it brings out emotions and well, after this episode, I am feeling a lot of them. Granted, most of what I am feeling is anger, but I am feeling something. The episodes…

‘Tell Me Lies’ 1×04 Review: “Take Off Your Pants And Your Jacket”

In which Erin goes off about hating everyone in this show and the women of #TellMeLies being bad friends and not knowing their worth.

‘Tell Me Lies’ 1×03 Review: “We Don’t Touch, We Collide”

#TellMeLies is fucking with us, but we have to say, the ending of this episode has us going WTF has happened. Didn’t see that coming.

‘Tell Me Lies’ 1×02 Review: “Hot-Blooded”

You never forget your worst. You also never forget the first person that made you…. 👀

‘Tell Me Lies’ 1×01 Review: “Lightning Strikes”

Hulu does it once again. Give them a book on toxic, complicated love, and they are gonna make a f**king good TV show. #TellMeLies is phenomenal.

Hulu Dropped The Trailer For Their New Series, ‘Tell Me Lies’

Well, #TellMeLies looks like it’s going to be an obsession of ours. After all the holidays are coming up and it’s gonna inspire excuses to use as to why we’re single.