See The Photos For The Hallmark Movies & Mysteries’ Movie ‘North To Home’

#NorthToHome looks like a Hallmark movie that we will love. See the trailer for the movie, premiering tomorrow on Hallmark Movie and Mysteries!

‘Countdown To Christmas’ Photos: “My Christmas Family Tree”

This weeks #CountdownToChristmas movie seems different than what #Hallmark normally does & we’re kinda (we are) looking forward to it! See the pics

Countdown To Christmas Review: ‘Coyote Creek Christmas’

We love a holiday movie, but we admit we weren’t sure that this one would be as perfect as it is. #CoyoteCreekChristmas gives us all the 🎄, ❤️ & happy feels!

‘Countdown To Christmas’ Photos: “Coyote Creek Christmas”

#CountdownToChristmas is one of our favorite times of the year & this movie is one we’re looking forward to the most. #CoyoteCreekChristmas

Hallmark’s Fall Harvest Movie Review: ‘South Beach Love’

We didn’t expect to enjoy #SouthBeachLove, but we did. Hallmark went outside of their norm and did great doing it!

‘Raise A Glass To Love’ Was As Off Balanced As A Glass Of Bad Wine

#RaiseAGlassToLove was off balance and spoiled, just like a bad glass of wine. The only thing we were raising a glass to was it being over.

See The Photos For ‘Roadhouse Romance’ On The The Hallmark Channel

Yes, it’s another #Hallmark movie and yes, we are obsessing over it. See the pictures for #RoadhouseRomance and swoon with us.

Fangirlish Countdown To Christmas: ‘Five Star Christmas’

Five Star Christmas is a four star Christmas movie. Read why we think so…

Fangirlish Countdown To Christmas: ‘Christmas Under The Stars’

Christmas Tree Lots are magical. We love them. Find out about a Christmas movie that I didn’t make fun of and actually enjoyed Jesse Metcalfe in.

Project Christmas Wish? Sign Us Up!

Amanda Schull in a Christmas movie, with a very Cassie/Cole from 12 Monkeys vibe in the poster? Sign us the hell up. We’re all in.

Fangirlish Countdown to Christmas: “On The 12th Date of Christmas”

On the 12th Date of Christmas is one of the best Hallmark Christmas movies. Join us as we discuss why!

Fangirlish Countdown To Christmas: ‘It’s Christmas, Eve’

‘It’s Christmas, Eve’ is one of my favorite @Hallmark Christmas movies, because of all the meet cutes!

Fangirlish Countdown To Christmas: ‘Christmas At Pemberly Manor’

Christmas at Pemberly Manor is a cute love story filled with Christmas spirit and one that I can’t stop watching.

Fangirlish Countdown To Christmas: ‘A Christmas Duet’

‘A Christmas Duet’ tried to combine too many tropes into one movie, but it’s a good Christmas movie for when nothing else is on.

See Photos From Hallmark’s ‘One Royal Holiday’

My Halloween plans are set as Laura Osnes and Aaron Tveit’s new Holiday movie, One Royal Holiday, will be premiering on The Hallmark Channel.

See New Character Photos From Hallmark’s ‘Holly & Ivy’

We’re ready for all of the holiday movies. Give them all to us! See pics for the characters from Hallmarks ‘Holly & Ivy’

Will Kemp To Star In ‘Christmas Waltz’ For Hallmark Channel

I appreciate trashy Christmas movies. Don’t judge me. I can’t wait for this one!

Hallmark Movies Are Not Just For Christmas

For some people Hallmark movies are a way of life. Hallmarkies, fans of Hallmark movies, live tweet the newest Hallmark romances every Saturday night, and Sluthers, Hallmark Movies and Mysteries watchers, can be found tweeting the latest mystery movie on…

#BoycottHallmark: The Hallmark Channel Pulls Zola Ads Featuring Brides Kissing

I am a creature of habit, and for the past ten years of my life, I have counted down to Christmas with Hallmark. I’ve loved and lived for their cheesy as fuck Christmas movies – the way that they made…

Fangirlish Presents: Christmas Movies Roundtable Pt. 1

Here at Fangirlish we looovvee Christmas movies! So we thought it would be a good idea to release roundtables up until Christmas, talking about the movies we loved and hated. You know, so you can make your list of what…

‘Christmas Duet’ Wins As The Worst Holiday Movie Thus Far

I really want to love Hallmark. I mean if we’re being honest, I do most of the time, but lately, I feel as though it’s one let down after another this Christmas Season. Look, Hallmark knows that people wait all…