Season 6 of The Blacklist was a wild ride from start to finish. We had the fallout from Liz’s big betrayal of Red, a new government conspiracy leading all the way up to the President, Mozhan Marno’s exit from the show (we’ll miss you always Samar) and the big revealRead More →


So it finally happened. We now know Red’s true identity and why he’s been keeping it from Liz for all these years. The Red we’ve always known is really a man named Ilya, Katarina Rostova’s lover. Ilya changed his identity to that of Raymond Reddington in order to keep KatarinaRead More →

In The Blacklist‘s “The Third Estate” the Task Force took on a group of criminals going after the children of America’s richest families, but there was a bit of a plot twist. The children of these families weren’t actually being kidnapped, they were faking their own kidnappings to get backRead More →

Last night’s emotional tour de force “The Kilgannon Corporation” was the best episode The Blacklist has ever done, and no I’m not exaggerating. The characters were perfectly balanced, the writing was spectacular, the plot was intense and emotional, and the monologues given by Red and DembeĀ  no doubt brought evenRead More →

I’m going to try and make this review as coherent as possible, because I’m still reeling from that winter finale. We knew “The Apothecary” was going to be extremely painful because Red has been poisoned and was slowly dying, but man I was not expecting this. I think you allRead More →