Fangirlish 2022 End Of Year Lists: Best TV Moments Of The Year

Every year, there are those moments on television that blow you away. Moments that you’ll remember, long after the series is done. As we bring 2022 to a close, everyone at Fangirlish has been reflecting on our favorite TV moments…

Fangirlish 2022 End of Year Lists: Our Favorite Ship Moments of 2022

New End of the Year List! Today we are going to talk about our favorite ship moments of 2022 and we have a lot! Will you join us?

‘House of the Dragon’ 1×10 Review: “The Black Queen”

… And that, y’all is how you end a season. This week’s finale of House of the Dragon, entitled “The Black Queen” really kicks off the civil war we have all been waiting for, as the Dragons of the realm…

‘House of the Dragon’ 1×09 Review: “The Green Council”

And so, it begins. This week, on House of the Dragon 1×09 “The Green Council” we start to see the actions that will lead to the civil war known as The Dance of The Dragons. While this episode was pretty…

‘House of the Dragon’ 1×08 Review: “The Lord of the Tides”

House of the Dragon 1×08 “The Lord of the Tides” brings a family dinner, a fight, some mended bonds, and marriage proposals!

House of the Dragon 1×07 Review: “Driftmark”

House of the Dragon 1X07 “Driftmark shows just what 10 years of animosity between two families can do to their children

‘House of the Dragon’ 1×06 Review: “The Princess and The Queen”

House of the Dragon 1×06, entitled “The Princess and the Queen” shows us a lot of tension, but doesn’t tell us how we got there!

5 Arrowverse Wigs Better Than the Ones on ‘House of the Dragon’

The House of the Dragon wigs are an absolute disaster that will be remembered for as long as the Arrowverse breathes life.

House of the Dragon 1×05 Review: “We Light the Way”

House of the Dragon 1×05 “We Light The Way” was young Rhaenyra (Milly Alcock) and Alicent’s (Emily Carey) last episode. Unfortunately, this episode was probably one of the weakest, and it seemed like a bit of a travesty that this…

‘House of Dragon’ 1×04 Review: “King of the Narrow Sea”

We’ve all been holding our breath, waiting for when House of the Dragon would show us what Alicent called “Targaryen customs” – and episode four, entitled “The King of The Narrow Sea,” does just that. And it’s just as icky…

House of the Dragon 1×03 Review: “Second of His Name”

This week’s House of the Dragon, entitled “Second of His Name” really put an emphasis on the communication dynamics of the royal family.

‘House of the Dragon 1×02 Review: “The Rogue Prince”

After such an action-packed opener for House of the Dragon, episode two, entitled “The Rogue Prince” was a bit more dialogue-heavy; though not by any means boring. This review does contain spoilers, so please read at your own risk!  The…

Milly Alcock Talks About How She Found Out She Booked ‘House Of The Dragon’

We’re loving #HouseOfTheDragon & Milly Alcock as Rhaenyra Targaryan. She talked about what she was doing before she got the iconic role.

House of the Dragon 1×01 Review: “The Heirs of the Dragon”

House of the Dragon 1×01 “The Heirs of the Dragon,” brings us right back into the drama of it all – for better or worse.

Fangirlish 2021 End of the Year Lists: Shows We’re Looking Forward to in 2022

Oddly enough, we can already look forward to 2022 and all the stories that await us on the small screen. Read on to see if your most anticipated shows made our list!

‘House of the Dragon’ Cast Announcements

Deadline is reporting that Milly Alcock and Emily Carey have been cast in recurring roles in HBO’s House of the Dragon. House of the Dragon is the prequel to the successful television and book series Game of Thrones. Milly Alcock…

First Photos From ‘House of the Dragon’ Are Here

Listen up, HBO has released the first images from the Game of Thrones prequel House of the Dragon. I know we are all a little bit wary of another Thrones spinoff after the disastrous season 8 series finale and with…

‘Tales of Dunk and Egg’ Are Coming To HBO

Photos courtesy of GoodReads Variety gave us some wonderful news, supposedly a prequel to Game of Thrones is in early development. And no, we are not referring to the prequel that is already confirmed and has begun casting, a.k.a. House…

‘House of the Dragon’ Has Cast a King

For those Game of Thrones fans who have been sitting on the edge of their seats waiting for any scrap of news regarding House of the Dragon, I have some great news for you. Deadline is reporting that Paddy Considine…