‘Chapelwaite’ 1×10 Review: “The Keeper”

Chapelwaite 1×10 “The Keeper” is one of the best episodes of the show. Emotions, surprises, and secrets are the motto of this season finale.

‘Leverage: Redemption’ 1×08 Review: “The Mastermind Job”

Leverage: Redemption 1×08 “The Mastermind Job“ casts salt on open wounds while the show parody itself without losing its essence and emotion.

‘Cruel Summer’ 1×10 Review: “Hostile Witness”

Cruel Summer 1×10 “Hostile Witness” came to blow our heads. Season finale had many surprises and revelations in store for us. Let’s review!

‘Lucifer’ 5×16 Review: “A Chance at a Happy Ending”

We got to Lucifer season finale! After crying desperately with episode 15 and the 5 scenes you can’t miss, Lucifer 5×16 “ A Chance at a Happy Ending” doesn’t give us a break and makes us cry even more when the…

‘The Rookie’ 3×14 Season Finale Review: “Threshold”

The Rookie returns with 3×14 Threshold a season finale full of tension, adrenaline, Chenford, social criticism … and with a shocking ending.

‘Fate: The Winx Saga’ Season Finale Review: “A Fanatic Heart”

We come to the season finale of Fate: The Winx Saga! Time has passed very quickly … and we are here. This episode is one of the best of the entire season.  Some secrets are revealed and it leaves many questions unanswered…