‘Timeless’ 2×06 Roundtable: “The King of the Delta Blues”

Here we are again, Timeless fans, ready to discuss the good, the bad, the music and the Lyatt of the latest episode of our favorite show. This week we had a chance to see Connor Mason shine, and let’s just say it was long overdue. We also got some Lucy/Flynn bonding and a raid that, we hope, helps brings Rittenhouse down.

Joining me this week are Alyssa, Lyra, Sarah, Lariel, Mimi and our guests Hilary and Nadia.

Let’s do this!

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“Fanboys don’t save the world” Mason said – and yet, not only did he save this mission, but can be also interpreted as a nod to Timeless fans saving the show from cancellation. What do you have to say about this sentiment?

Lizzie: It’s a beautiful moment because we know it’s a lie. Fanboys/Fangirls do “save” the world. We saved Timeless last year. And the message that loving something, that being invested, that caring, is, indeed important, is something I really, really appreciate. Let’s do it all again this year!

Alyssa: I absolutely loved that line and how Mason disproved it. But I love how Timeless throws subtle nods at the fandom about the power of this fandom and what it’s been able to accomplish.  It makes us feel even more a part of the show. There can be this sense that unless you’re someone that’s prominent that you cannot have an effect on something on a large scale. For fans, it was fighting for our favorite show to get a second season. And, together, we did the impossible. We brought it back from the dead. Now we’re once again fighting for our show and trying to prove that, once again, fangirls/fanboys can in fact save the world. And deliver it quality television.

Lyra: This nod to the fans speaks of the level of awareness that the cast, writers, and showrunners have on Timeless. They know we have their backs and it’s evident in their writing. The little guy, the one who watched from the sidelines, and wasn’t “part” of the story as much as Lucy, Rufus, and Wyatt are, saved the day and became a part of history. We are that little guy. Yes, you can be cynical and say that fans really didn’t have power when it comes to Season 2 and Season 3 renewals, because the latter is totally gonna happen, but people means investment means money. We have the power and we’re glad NBC listened to it and acknowledged it the first time around. Let’s do it again with Season 3!

Sarah: I’ll admit that nod caught me completely off guard. At the same time though, I was so touched the writers took the time and care to do this and acknowledge how hard Timeless fans fought last year to get the show the second season it deserved. It’s that kind of self awareness that has served the show’s story and characters so well and to take it further for just this scene put the biggest smile on my face. This show deserves a third and honestly twenty seasons to tell the story it’s done SO well and I refuse to even think it won’t.

Lariel: I will defer to another historical figure who I’d love to see featured one day on Timeless, Margaret Mead: “Never doubt that a small group of thoughtful, committed citizens can change the world; indeed, it’s the only thing that ever has.”

Mimi: Everyone on the Time Team is a fanboy/fangirl at some point. It’s what makes the characters relatable and endearing. Lucy is the biggest fangirl of them all, and she saves the day every episode. I liked getting to know a little more about Conner throughout this episode, he needed that pep talk from Rufus! Rufus is like the son he never had and I appreciate their chemistry. You GUYS we are FANGIRLS and we literally saved TIMELESS last year. WE MATTER. #savetimelesssavetheworld #fangirl

Nadia: It struck me at this moment that Connor did not view himself as a valuable member of the team. He was at his lowest point at the beginning of the episode. Everything he worked hard for crumbled around him and he could serve no further contribution to the team. I loved that Rufus was able to prove to Connor that being a “fanboy” actually empowered him and led to Time Team’s success. Without his knowledge and passion history might have been irrevocably changed.

Hilary: I loved that moment so much. Connor has felt a little extraneous at points this season, but he really shone this episode, we got some solid development for him and Rufus, and he was one of the emotional hearts of the goings-on. I’ve always appreciated Timeless for its good-heartedness and its belief that anyone can be a hero and participate in history, and watching Connor meet his idol, have a few realisations about himself, and to be able to help Robert Johnson make his record was very touching. Fanboys (and fangirls!) do save the world, and it was sweet to see.

Funmbi: This scene was GLORIOUS for so many reasons! First, as we’ve said several times in these roundtables, every week as Lucy, Rufus, and Wyatt go on these missions, we regularly get to see them fangirl/fanboy over a historical figure. In fact, it’s their intense love (bordering on obsession) that provides the needed information in order to save the day. This is certainly the case this week. From the beginning of their time at the Gunter Hotel, *repeatedly*, it’s Connor’s knowledge of the time period and music that allow the Time Team to get Robert Johnson to record these albums that literally change the world. Second, this scene highlights the depth of feeling between Connor and Rufus, because when Connor is feeling the most defeated, believing his contributions don’t matter, Rufus reminds him the truth. Fanboys do save the world, because Rufus was Connor’s fanboy. It’s a beautiful moment of solidarity, as Rufus is able to lift Connor up and remind him how Connor has made a huge difference in Rufus’ own life, which Rufus has paid forward as the #HeroInAHoodie. And as Lizzie says in the question, fangirls/fanboys came to TIMELESS’ rescue last year, and if we have it our way, we’ll do it again now! The power of fandom is real, y’all!

This episode saw Flynn and Lucy getting closer as they bonded over their shared desires to get their families back. What do you think about this friendship? Can it/will it turn romantic? Do you trust Flynn?

Lizzie: I’ve enjoyed this dynamic a lot – way more than I ever expected it to, to be quite honest. It’s taken me a while to truly warm up to Flynn, but I’m a fan now. I, however, don’t think this is romantic at all. I think it’s almost like siblings, and there’s a shared something there, I wouldn’t say trust, not yet, but at least understanding. They both know what it’s like to lose people.

As for whether I trust Flynn, the answer is no. We’d be silly to. Getting his family back is his #1 priority. Nothing more, nothing less.

Alyssa: This is a friendship that I didn’t know that I wanted or needed, but here we are. I love how Timeless is delivering on a pilot tease — Lucy and Flynn teaming up — in such a unique way. This whole fate vs. choice thing is interesting because it makes you wonder if certain things are just meant to be. Flynn has been telling Lucy for awhile now that they’ve been meant to work together. Even when it felt impossible and ridiculous, look where we’re at. It’s crazy to think about what happened with that journal and how Flynn came to have it in his possession. But back to the friendship. I believe that Flynn has found a kindred spirit in Lucy. He’s found someone that’s experienced similar pain and heartbreak — having read that journal — and he’s found someone he can talk to, relate to, and possibly even help. Flynn has this desire to want to help Lucy, and I can’t help but wonder if that has to do with who Flynn knows she becomes. Is she someone that, like him, finds herself walking the line of morality because of what happens in her present and future? Perhaps Flynn thinks he can help her not become like he did? Even antagonists need friends. You need that connection. That sense of belonging.

This isn’t about romance. This is about friendship and wanting to develop a sense of belonging. I’m sorry, I just don’t see any romantic spark between these two. If something were to happen romantically, it would’ve happened at the end of this episode. And if something romantic had happened, we would’ve gotten to see something of it, right? That’s just not how one fades to black on romance. There’s nothing wrong with a man and a woman being just friends. Yes, Lucy and Flynn are beginning to develop a nice connection, but it’s not a connection that’s had a romantic feel to it. As for if I trust Flynn? I’m starting to. I feel like, at this point, he needs to do more to prove his loyalty to the Time Team and develop a sense of trust. But it’s definitely something that’s possible, which isn’t something I would’ve said in the season premiere. But never forget why Flynn is here in the first place: His family. If Rittenhouse were to give him the opportunity to get his family back, I have no doubt he’d betray them all in order to do so.

Lyra: There are only 3 things I trust about Flynn: 1) He’s handsome. 2) He can rock a suit. 3) He’d do anything to save his family. I do think that the bond that he’s building with Lucy is a sincere one but I can’t trust him completely because I know his heart belongs to his family. During season one we saw what he was capable of and if given the opportunity I think he would drop Lucy and do what he must for his wife and child. But then again who wouldn’t? As for the romantic nature of their relationship, I don’t think there’s anything there. They know what it feels like to be on the outside and feel a little bit lost and alone. There’s nothing wrong with them seeking some sort of comfort or solace from each other. But I don’t think it’s going to turn romantic. Not every relationship between a man and a woman has to turn romantic, especially this one.

Sarah: To be honest seeing this kind of bonding for Flynn and Lucy was unexpected because I only ever thought I’d see it in fanfic. I was hoping they’d get to become real friends as Flynn has been tight lipped at how much he actually learned about her from the journal, but consider my expectations blown out the water here. I really enjoyed that Flynn regardless of what he’s keeping close to the vest regarding his family and what he wants, honestly tried to form a real friendship with Lucy. He admitted reading a journal isn’t the same as actually getting to know her, and it was a relief that his intentions at becoming her friend were genuine.

As for turning romantic, I admit my eyebrows went WAY up when she went into his room with a bottle of alcohol, but I’m not betting on them actually turning romantic on screen. I have fanfic if I want to see it. The show has narratively gone for Lyatt which I’m GOOD with because as much as I can trust Flynn with his intentions towards Lucy, I don’t trust him to pick the Time team over a chance to get his wife and daughter back. I could be wrong, but I’d rather be safe than sorry when these guys, Lucy especially have been put through the wringer.

Lariel: Considering Flynn’s whole motive is to get his wife and daughter back… no, I don’t think it will turn romantic. Flynn’s whole modus operandi is to be manipulative, also. Not a good basis for a romance. I think he’s still got his eyes on his prize – the return of his family – and he’ll do what it takes to get there.

Mimi: The Flynn/Lucy relationship/dynamic will NEVER be romantic. Lucy is love with Wyatt and Flynn is in love with his deceased wife. I think they are just unlikely kindred spirits, and become good friends, because lord knows Rufus is fucking up big time right now in the friend department. I think Flynn can be redeemed and Lucy will start to trust him more. Everyone else probably doesn’t see him as a changed man yet, and his end goals are still the same guys. TAKE DOWN RH. That really hasn’t changed, he is just having to learn how to work well with others and be part of a team. He’s starting to cope now and that is good for him and I think his talks with Lucy will benefit her in the long run and Lyatt. They both need a friend right now in the bunker and I’m grateful for their friendship. Guys, Flynn has read her diary he knows how this all ends…. LYATT IS ENDGAME, and hopefully Flynn gets his wife and child back.

Nadia: Since Flynn joined Time Team, I have felt more of a sibling dynamic between Lucy/Flynn. I really really hope the writers prove me right. I do believe Flynn, via the journal, believed he knew Lucy much like we connect with characters in a book. However, working with her in person has introduced a new element to their relationship. I believe he is protective of her physically and emotionally, but he needs to work on earning her trust. If the writers go the romantic route, I will be disappointed. Flynn/Lucy have great potential for being a great platonic friendship.

Hilary: Right now, Lucy/Flynn is my OTP of OTPs so this episode was like a fever dream come true for me. However you want to read their relationship, the two of them have one of the most complicated, slow-developing, intriguing, and unexpectedly tender bonds on the show. In this episode, we saw Flynn owning up to a lot of his previous mistakes — how he’s hurt Lucy, even without meaning to, how he’s been too insistent on the journal to remember to get to know the real woman she is, how he’s been in this for the right reasons but the wrong methods. Their connection has been at the core of the plot since the pilot, since they met in front of the Hindenburg and he showed her the journal, so all the callbacks to that and more discussion of that were too much for my heart to handle. The conversation about their lost loved ones was beautifully sincere, and seeing them bond and open up to each other just felt like the natural next step in this for them. I think it’s hard to deny that Flynn at this point is seriously in love with Lucy (though who isn’t?) but he made sure to articulate that he understands if she doesn’t want him closer, and anything that does happen will be on her terms. That is a lot of character development and maturity, and I’m here for wherever it goes. Personally, my hopeless shipper heart thinks they’re soulmates, but I just want whatever comes. Flynn has said he’ll walk away from his family if he gets them back, so I do think he has by no means given up on saving them, but he’s also understood from the beginning the cost and the sacrifice of what they’re doing.

Funmbi: Here’s the thing… I honestly don’t know how I feel about the relationship between Lucy and Flynn. I don’t expect Lucy to sit around and mope over Wyatt (though she would be entitled to do so because this situation is painful!). She has a plan to stop Rittenhouse and if Lucy is able to find comradery with Flynn in order to do so, this is a good thing. Plus, right now, for better or worse, Flynn *seems* to be the only person who’s fully on Lucy’s side. Apparently, we’re still in the timeline where Lucy writes the journal for Flynn, so he knows a lot about the pain she’s experiencing and the ways she is (isn’t) coping. Lucy could use a friend who’s outside of all this Wyatt/Jessica drama, someone to commiserate with. However, this is still super suspect! Flynn wants to get to know Lucy… but why? We all know Flynn would throw each and every one of these people under the bus (INCLUDING LUCY) to bring back his family/take out Rittenhouse. I don’t think the Lucy/Flynn relationship will turn romantic, but if it does, then I cannot be mad at Lucy. My Lyatt-shipping heart will hurt, but she’s a full grown woman. Besides, Wyatt has no qualms moving on with his physical relationship with Jessica, so why should I put that kind of expectation on Lucy?

Wyatt’s character arc seems to be progressing in the expected ways – as he’s now faced with the realization that, in so many ways, he’s lost Lucy. What’s the next step for Wyatt? How does he “figure this out”? And how would you like to see that unfold?

Lizzie: I don’t like to repeat myself and I already talked about this in my review, but Wyatt’s gotta go from oh I want to still be close to Lucy to I want to be more than her friend and before that, he’s gotta figure out his feelings for Jessica. I think they need just an honest conversation to start him on that path, one where she can express her frustations and her feelings and he can take them in. And then, I think he’s gotta take a hard look at what he had with Lucy and the “possibilities” there and what he has with Jessica and the “possibilities” there.

What I would like is for Wyatt to do all of this before external factors force him to. I want him to decide because he loves Lucy more, not just because it turns out Jessica is evil or something. That’s the most important part.

Alyssa: Honestly, I feel like the way Wyatt’s behaving is on point with the person that he is when he’s with Jessica versus the person he is when he’s with Lucy. This entire situation is messed up: Wyatt tortured himself in his own guilt for years before discovering that not only could he move forward without tarnishing Jessica’s memory, but he could fall in love again. Just when he’s beginning to start anew with Lucy, former dead wife is not so dead anymore. Wyatt going back to Jessica — and Lucy encouraging him to do so — is on point with his character. If he hadn’t tried to make things work with Jessica, we’d be all over him because we know the honorable and caring man that Wyatt is. But, as we’ve seen, there are two different Wyatt Logans. The first Wyatt Logan is the Wyatt when he’s with Lucy, where he’s centered, at ease, and sensible. The second Wyatt is the Wyatt that’s impulsive, unbalanced, and lacks sense. So Wyatt’s behavior at present, given he’s with Jessica yet still pulled towards Lucy, makes sense. Doesn’t mean that it’s right or that Wyatt isn’t an idiot. But it makes sense.

I feel like this last episode was the first time that Wyatt actually realized that he’s lost Lucy. There was a part of him that’s wanted it all: He wanted to honor Jessica and make it work with her while also hoping that things between him and Lucy could go back to the way it used to be. But it can’t. And Wyatt would know that if he wasn’t that second Wyatt that lacks sense. As for what Wyatt’s next steps should be to do something about losing Lucy? I think it’s pretty obvious: He needs to make a choice. This dawning realization was what needed to happen in order for Wyatt to understand that no, he can’t have it all. He needs to decide where he sees his future. Is it with Lucy? Or Jessica? But there also needs to be a conversation — not only does he need to make a choice, but he needs to verbalize his feelings because honestly Lucy has no idea.

Lyra: Lucy will get hurt. He’ll want to “be there” for her like he was before. But *GASP* HE HAS A WIFE! He can’t do that anymore. And then BOOM# Realization attacks coming from left and right! I know…sounds cliche but it’s a cliche for a reason: it works. And yes, Lucy has gotten hurt before. We’re talking life threatening hurt. That’ll drive him insane and into the realization. As for Wyatt’s journey…I know it’s selfish…but… IT’S TAKING TOO DAMN LONG! I need to see more of him and his wife and him figuring this out. Right now I feel like he’s twiddling his thumbs (aka going on shady side missions and accidentally bumping into Lucy) while slowlyyyyy figuring it all out. But I guess for the sake of actually plot and character development, I’ll wait.  🙁

Sarah: Wyatt’s face when Lucy sent him off to Jessica I’m afraid will not be the first time he has that expression as the consequences of his choice to be with his wife sink in. I can’t say I don’t feel for him, but at the same time I don’t know what he expected. I think he’s going to keep learning the hard way and what his new reality is when it comes to being with Jessica now. He can’t be there for Lucy in the way he wants, and quite frankly since he’s now actually married with a wife it will hurt Lucy more than it helps her. Dealing with that continuously will just open his eyes to the realization that we all ALREADY know. I’m hoping this happens before the season finale but I know however long it takes he will get there.  


Wyatt has become sidetracked with Jessica and has been trying to have his cake and dessert too, with Lucy. He cannot have both, I think he realized that, last episode and clarity is good. Clarity is going to set him on a new path towards his future and not his past. I really need for him to have a heart to heart with Lucy because he has not been open with her about his feelings about HER. Yes he said she saved him, but that is not the same thing as saying I LOVE YOU GIRL, AND I WANT TO MARRY YOU AND HAVE BABIES WITH YOU, PLEASE NEVER LEAVE ME AND PROMISE TO CUDDLE WITH ME EVERY NIGHT. Once Wyatt says all of that to Lucy, I will be satisfied.

Nadia: Keeping it real, but Wyatt is not progressing at all. He took 2 huge steps back. I did not care for the “locker room” humor between him and Rufus. There are 2 women with real feelings involved. Both of them came of callous and disrespectful. I need the the writers to figure out Wyatt fast. It’s clear he harbors feelings for Lucy, but he can’t have it both ways. As a character, I find Jessica boring. I hope Wyatt and Jessica have a conversation soon and WYATT DECIDES he wants to be with Lucy. Jessica can’t be making this decision on behalf of both them. Lucy deserves a man who wants to be with her 100%.

Hilary: I like Wyatt a lot, but right now he’s admittedly messing things up quite a bit. He said throughout season 1 that he loved Jessica and would do anything to save her and go back to her — we can’t be terribly surprised that for at least right now, he’s done that, but that choice comes with a price, and one that he seems to be trying to get around. He can’t be having loud late-night activities with Jessica and then automatically expect his former closeness and ease with Lucy, especially when she’s repeatedly sacrificed her happiness for his. I really do want to root for the Lyatt reconciliation, but I need Wyatt to have a lot more moments of emotional development, realization, and responsibility first. I love Jessica to bits, and I’m hoping that she and Lucy can come together for a conversation again, because ladies supporting ladies is always my thing. I do think Wyatt will figure this out, but I’m wondering if it’ll take something even more drastic.

Funmbi: It was interesting that this week, Wyatt was separated from the rest of the team to go on his own mission. With that said, Lucy is very much on his mind the whole time, from demanding that Flynn protect the team while in the 1930s, to coming face to face with Lucy’s mother. By the end of the episode, Wyatt does come to the realization that Lucy won’t wait for him, whatever that means. At the same time, it’s so obvious that Wyatt wants Lucy to fight for him. He wants them to be able to joke and talk like they used to; he wants her to want to spend time with him. But that’s not how Lucy rolls. I don’t know what’s next for Wyatt. I see him getting increasingly frustrated with Lucy, especially if her relationship with Flynn deepens. But that might be the catalyst for Wyatt to realize that he can’t be without Lucy. Yeah, it’s going to hurt.

Lucy’s finally asking for what she wants – which in this case is space from Wyatt and a drink or two with a friend. What are your feelings about her journey and where do you think she goes next?

Lizzie: Girl, I’m with you, Lucy. I would probably act the exact same way. And I’m glad you’re getting to a place where you can ask for what you want, because this is the important part of your journey. It’s not about Wyatt or the relationship but about how you can grow from this, and then maybe, in the future, you can work on repairing that relationship. But now you need to work on you.

Alyssa: If I was Lucy I’d do the same thing. Lucy has endured so much personal turmoil this season that the girl deserves space and comfort from a friend. She’s a grown woman that can whatever the hell she wants. Lucy has handled this situation with so much selflessness and humility that she deserves space from a painful situation like this. You can tell that Lucy has wanted to verbalize her desire for space from Wyatt, but I was proud as hell when she was able to tell him. When Wyatt came to her and expected her to open up to him like old times, like nothing had happened, like everything was the same, Lucy shut that down immediately. Likewise, Lucy going to Flynn with a bottle of vodka was something that Lucy needed. She needs a friend right now. Wyatt is off limits, obviously. Rufus and Jiya are distracted. So having spent more time with Flynn and feeling a kind of kindred spirit, Lucy decides to lean on Flynn for support. And there’s absolutely nothing wrong with that.

Lyra: Asking for what you want is the hardest fucking thing to do in life, especially when you’ve always been so willing and ready to help to help others. As someone who is going through that specific aspect in my life, I’m glad to see Lucy asking for what she wants, even if it’s silently as she enters Flynn’s room for a late night drink. It’s a small step but the first into becoming a stronger woman, friend, and member of the team. If it helps her in getting back with Wyatt, then that’s great. But right now, the most important thing is what it’s doing for her personal development. Asking for what you want is grand.

Sarah: I’m really relieved and happy Lucy is putting herself first and making it clear where she stands. It’s not easy when it would be tempting to fall back in step with how it used to be, but she respects herself to get the space she deserves right now. If Wyatt had come to me asking about what happened on this week’s time trip, and acting like he did expecting everything to be the “normal” I’d have done the same. She isn’t anyone’s second choice and as much as I know that’s not what Wyatt intended it’s what would have happened if she hadn’t walked away. I think she’s going to keep asking for her space and standing her ground and live her life as best she can and frankly KUDOS to that! If that includes getting a drink and bonding with Flynn so be it. Chase down that happiness Lucy in whatever form because she has every right to keep living no matter what the circumstances are.

Mimi: Lucy deserves S P A C E from Wyatt from now. I can’t even imagine being in love with  someone and them being in love with you, BUT because FATE has been shitty, you now live with the love of your life and their used to be dead wife. All of it is fucked up and Lucy deserves to process it all in her own time and in her own space. Wyatt cannot be upset with her for that. If she wants to go out get drunk with Flynn, Wyatt cannot be mad about that! He lost that opportunity when he chose Jessica over her. Her journey is realizing that she will get through this heartache and realizing that WYATT really does LOVE HER and he will chose her and that SHE is worth choosing. Her journey is realizing she is WORTHY of LOVE and HAPPINESS. I don’t know where she goes next, she will keep right on saving history week after week and trying to stay alive because RH keeps trying to take her OUT. If everything works out, she will take out Emma one more time and Wyatt will win her back. Lucy Preston is a unicorn and should be protected at all costs!

Nadia: One aspect of Lucy that has struck me about Lucy since the show premiered is the evolution of her self confidence. She followed in her mothers footsteps for acceptance, stated to Wyatt during the Hollywood episode she doesn’t see herself as attractive and has always been willing to sacrifice herslef for others and history. Each mission since the series premiere, we have seen her self worth and confidence increase. And now she finally has the confidence to say ENOUGH. And good for Lucy. Lucy can take all the space she wants until Wyatt gets his head out his ass. In the meantime, if she chooses to confide or drink away with Flynn, then that her is prerogative. I do hope we get more scenes between Jiya and Lucy though. There is another level of confidence we gain from our female friends. And I think both Jiya and Lucy can benefit from each other right now.

Hilary: Honestly, good for Lucy. She’s been beautifully selfless and supportive of this horribly awkward situation, has swallowed her pride even when Wyatt brought his wife back to their home, has given pep talks to everyone else, supported Jessica, and otherwise been much better than I would about all this. But she’s also justifiably angry and hurt, and Flynn is the only person who has let her do that/is willing to let her lash out and let her feelings be what they are. Lucy has spent so much time squashing her feelings down and sacrificing for the sake of the team and the mission. She needs someone to support her right now, and Wyatt, God love him and with the best intentions, is no longer fulfilling that role. Flynn’s praise of her as “very impressive” clearly made her smile and reassured her when she needed it, and I want to see her get back on a steadier footing, have a few more happy moments (so many smiles this episode!) and continue to be the badass leader of the Time Team that she is.

Funmbi: I adore Lucy, so much. Despite her personal pain (her mom, losing Amy, Wyatt…), Lucy is dedicated to this mission of stopping Rittenhouse and dedicates her whole self to it. Similarly, Lucy genuinely wants Wyatt to be happy. She repeatedly puts his relationship with Jessica first, despite what she wants for herself. But it’s true that Lucy knows she needs to be someone’s choice. This is part of why I think she opens up to Flynn. Flynn is seemingly upfront about his desire to get to know her. He acknowledges Lucy’s pain, shares his own experiences with her, and offers Lucy some emotional support. If she wants to reminisce, fine. If Lucy would rather drink and watch old movies, Flynn is here for that, too. I just want Lucy to be happy. I want her to be confident in her own self-worth. Yes, I want her with Wyatt, but I will never begrudge her finding friendship, etc. elsewhere.

Agree? Disagree? Have any more feels? Share with us in the comments below!

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