‘Avengers: Infinity War’ Is Here and We Have Feels

Talking about this movie, and trying to process the feels this movie gave me and yet not spoiling the wonderful twists and turns for all of you is about the hardest thing I’ve had to do in a while, because honestly, all I want to do is TALK ABOUT IT.

But you all deserve to experience it like I did, going in blank, armed just with your expectations. I even kept the title vague, and there’s absolutely nothing in the way of actual spoilers here. A detailed, spoilery review will be coming next week. For now, just thing about what you wanted from this, what you expected, what ten years have been leading up to before I say ….

For me, those expectations were met and surpassed.

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Let’s get the obvious out of the way first: yes, this is the first part and at times – especially at the end, you can tell. There’s no closure, because how could there be? And yet, even that works in a way because the way the final act of the movie works out, there are literally twenty million possibilities, and we’ve got a wonderful year of speculation ahead as to where this is going.

That hardly feels like a criticism, so I’ll try another one. Yes, there are too many characters in this movie, and too many we’re attached to. You’d think there’s no way to do them actual justice, and there truly isn’t – some have more screen time than others, and some are criminally underused. And yet, in a way, we knew that’d be the case.

How can you truly give every character a moment in the sun when you have so many of them?

And yet the movie tries, and almost valiantly succeeds, even if a few characters get the short end of the stick aka they don’t get big emotional scenes. Those characters do, at least, get to fight and look badass doing it, so here’s to them getting their due next movie.

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Ultimately, Avengers: Infinity War is a great movie because, despite what I said, they manage to cohesively bring together a large number of characters in a way that feels organic, create new dynamics that make you feel like you just want these two characters together forever, and mostly, because it leans on the message of family – or the message of finding a family out of like-minded people.

Romance has never been at the heart of the Avengers movies, and that’s okay, because Thor and Loki love each other, because Tony is Peter’s father figure, because Steve and Tony are like estranged siblings who never really got along that well but secretly always loved each other, and because despite everything all these people are a unit. You can say bad things about your family, you can even get mad at them, but if anyone outside of the family unit tries, there’ll be hell to pay.

In a way, this is a continuation from Captain America: Civil War, and the necessary payoff for that storyline. Tony and Steve were the dueling brothers then, and yet, sometimes, there are bigger things. Sometimes you gotta put the problems you used to think were huge aside and come together to face an even bigger problem.

Pun intended.

Thanos also succeeds, in a way I never expected him to. He’s got depth; he’s borderline sympathetic and he’s anything but one-dimensional. No one’s rooting for him or anything of the sort, but villains are always better when they are not caricatures, and though some of his lackeys come off as that, Thanos never does.

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So, will you like the movie? I can’t promise that. Some people’s enjoyment is too tied to the idea of who survives, and this is a movie with a hell of a lot of consequences. They’re not bluffing, the Russo brothers. This is intense and emotional and there are losses. Heavy ones. We’re all likely to lose a favorite or two to this battle.

And yet – though I have – I came out of this movie feeling hopeful about comics in general and about the future of the MCU. (And even about what’s coming in Avengers 4. I have faith! I also have comics knowledge, so suck it Marvel. You can’t beat me!)

Marvel has done amazing things in the past 10 years. They’ve also missed the mark more than once. All in all, though, this movie feels like a fitting end, of sorts, to an era, and in a way, also, the beginning of a new one.

Here’s to more amazing, and hopefully, this time, diverse content.


HOTNESS TOP 5: Okoye, Thor, Cap+ beard, Natasha, Wanda.

Avengers Infinity War is in theaters now.

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