‘Timeless’ 2×07 Roundtable: “Mrs. Sherlock Holmes” Part 1

Elementary, Sherlock Holmes would say.

Timeless delivered, once again, not just with a gem of an episode, but with a feminist tour de force, and we can’t help but feel happy that we get to experience this show every week, and proud that we get to cover it. So, let’s talk about it!

Joining me this week are Fangirlish writers Alyssa, Lyra, Lariel, Bex, Mimi and guests Sarah and Simy, as well as the lovely Funmbi, from We So Nerdy.

Here we go!

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“Mrs. Sherlock Holmes” shone a light not just on important figures like Grace Humiston and Alice Paul, but on the feminist movement and how very far we’ve come, but also, how very far we have to go. How did it feel to see Timeless tackle this subject and why is it important that they get to continue doing so?

Lizzie: I feel like this show needs 384 more seasons to continue teaching us things. I knew a little bit about the suffragette movement, and about Alice Paul, but I had no idea who Grace Humiston was, and I guess I’d never really given this as much thought as I probably should have. I went into a pretty long spiral after, only to find that the real story is a bit messier (Alice Paul actively discouraged black women from participating) and more complicated, as it almost always is, and that just reinforces the same idea.

There’s so much more they could so. So many more stories to be told, so many more women fighting for equality, most of them not white women. This is why we need Timeless. To remind us of how far we’ve come and really, how far we still have to go.

Alyssa: Forget for a moment these amazing characters and the beautiful lessons they teach us. One of the most important reasons Timeless needs to keep on existing is because it continues to teach us important history lessons in a way that even school cannot manage. Yes, I’m here for these characters first and foremost. But I’d be lying if I said that I didn’t live for these important historical moments, especially ones that manage to feel relevant to our current day and age. The women’s rights movement was probably my favorite historical moment to date not only because of the brilliant, raw execution, but because it preached an important lesson about equality, how far we’ve come, and reminded us just how much further we have to go. Timeless manages to choose its historical moments so well — for their characters but also for the audience. I’m thankful everyday for Timeless, which continues to teach me history in a way I’ve never learned it before.

Lyra: It’s important that Timeless tackled the feminist movement of the suffragettes because to improve our situation and place in society as women we have to be aware of our past and the struggles and that came with it. It’s that whole thing about knowing our past so we’re not doomed to repeat it. As for how it felt to watch Timeless do this episode…it felt scary and amazing at the same time. A part of me has always know about these women and everything they did to get me to this point in my life. But it was something else actually witnessing it, well, a form of it. I can’t even imagine what it would feel like to be in their shoes and am eternally grateful for the fight they put up. I’ll make sure to keep it going.

Lariel: Before I dove back into fandom, I was pretty active on a popular mom site (which will remain nameless). One of the things that struck me in those days was how disparaging younger moms were of the feminist movement. To them, “feminist” was a dirtier word than certain terms used to describe female anatomy. These were really young women, in their late teens and early 20s more often than not. They’d somehow bought into an idea that feminism requires hating men, burning bras, rejecting motherhood and never shaving your legs or armpits. They didn’t want to hear that their grandmothers and great-grandmothers had been no better than chattel, without the ability to make any of their own decisions. Or worse – they felt that status shouldn’t have ever changed! I think that latter attitude came from a real fear of having to be responsible for their own lives and decisions; they’d rather have their husbands make all the tough choices.

It’s important for young women to see and hear this history. If you shut it down, you merely open the door for it to be repeated.

Bex: Why is Timeless important? Because of women like Grace Humiston, who helped solve the case of Ruth Cruger, and yet who was lost to history. Some later report on the case don’t mention her role at all. Why is Timeless important? Because too many history books are written about men, by men. Timeless is giving a voice back to people who must be heard, now more than ever, and yet feel silenced by time.

Mimi: Not gonna lie, I had no idea who Grace Humiston nor Alice Paul were before this episode. We still have a long way to go. Women are still treated differently than men. We are paid less, we are persecuted for wanting to work instead of having a family, our bodies are objectified and sexually abused and we are told to stay silent. I think what is going right now with the #metoo movement and also the young adults of our country uniting for a common good such as gun control, would not be possible without these women who came before. Hopefully next season Timeless can do an episode about Selma and that march too. If we don’t learn from history, we are doomed to repeat it.

Sarah: It’s one of the reasons i believe this show should get a season 3 and more. Name another television show that showcases the ‘forgotten’ people of History? Its magical. I live in England so women’s suffrage was a subject I was lucky enough to cover in my exams, so I knew a lot on the subject beforehand. However I didn’t know American Suffrage. So was all ready for this episode and it didn’t disappoint.

In the current climate women’s rights is still out there to be fought for continuously, and we still have a way to go. But what Timeless did in this episode was highlight how far we HAVE come. Those women laid down their lives for a chance to vote and have their voices heard. What they endured to get that, was nothing short of incredible. Another thing Timeless does, is give us strong female characters, very strong, Independent capable women, who will not be told what to do.

Please carry on Timeless, I am proud that you represent women in such a positive and strong way.

Funmbi: One of the reasons why Timeless is so beloved is that they’re willing to elevate non-white/non-male voices within historical accounts. I’m not at all surprised that Timeless creators would take on an episode about the American Suffragette Movement and Women’s Voting Rights. I don’t want to get super political, but in the U.S., we’re in vital moment where women are asserting their agency in a whole host of arenas. The Women’s’ March (pussyhats and all!), more women than ever before are running for political office, the #MeToo and TIMES UP campaigns bringing attention to sexual assault/misconduct and institutional gender inequities in Hollywood and beyond–this is a remarkable time! I love that Timeless contributes to this by reminding us of the foundational moments and people in history who paved the way for us and our sisters to assert ourselves today. One of the ongoing, contemporary concerns in ensuring that our movements and calls for change recognize intersectional feminism the particular experiences of Women of Color, poor/non-middle class women, LGBTQ women, etc. And history reminds us that this was the case in at the turn of the 20th Century, too. Women of Color (Black Women) were systematically sidelined in the Suffragette Movement and told to wait our turn. In fact, Alice Paul, herself, discouraged Black Women from participating in a Washington DC march she organized in 1913.  I would have liked to see the Timeless episode recognize this, at least in passing, but with limited time, I get why they might not be able to. Nothing is perfect. But I call attention to it here, even as we’re praising Timeless, as a reminder to make sure that our feminism is intersectional.


Lucy finally let it out all – expressing to Wyatt not just how hurt she is, but drawing a line in the sand about what she’s willing to be to him going forward. What did you think about Lucy’s arc this episode – not just regarding Lyatt, but with the suffragettes?

Lizzie: I loved Lucy this episode. I felt like she said all the things that needed to be said – and I don’t mean just for her relationship with Wyatt, but so she could feel content and proud of who she is. That’s why her speech to Grace touched me so deeply, and why I took to heart the lesson that helping other women starts with empowering them, not just leaving them alone to say their piece. We can all do our part to prop each other up.

As for the romantic side, she clearly drew a line in the sand and told Wyatt she would not even consider him, because Jessica was a miracle. The right call? Hell no, but what else was she gonna do, really? This is who she is.

I think, hope, that once they figure out the truth about Jessica, Lucy can finally allow herself to ask for what she wants, reach for it and hold on. That’s what I hope.

Alyssa: Lucy was a damn queen in this episode, not that she isn’t in most, but this episode she was inspired by these courageous and strong women to stand up for what’s best for her. Lucy used that strength and that inspiration to put her foot down when she needed to. Lucy had been bottling her true feelings up for awhile now, and the floodgates finally burst open. Lucy recognized the importance of putting the mission first, but when Wyatt kept hounding her she finally let those walls down and said the things that she needed to say: She’s hurting; he hurt her; this sucks for both of them but less for him; she has to accept the way things are. In that final conversation where Lucy drew a line in the sand with Wyatt, you knew Lucy isn’t someone that’s going to get in the middle of Wyatt’s happiness. Not only does she want him to be happy, but she’s not the kind of person that’s going to jeopardize her moral code in order to get what she wants. I expected nothing less from Lucy in that moment. While it was almost like he wanted Lucy to give him a chance to allow him to choose her, Lucy refused to allow him to do so.

Lyra: GET. IT. GIRL. You stood your ground, said your piece, and planted yourself like a tree in the face of sexism and a man who just can’t understand that enough is enough and that he needs to stop making heart eyes at you. It’s time now for Lucy Preston to speak up and take care of herself. If others aren’t going to choose her (Wyatt) or pay attention to her words (the suffragettes) she’s going to do it for herself. I’m looking forward to the reign of Lucy not giving a fuck and choosing #1.

Lariel: The Timeless writers always seem to give us just what needs to be said at a given time. It’s one of the things that makes the show feel so real in terms of its relationships. Lucy did exactly what she should have done regarding Wyatt; any other response would not have been true to her character.

Bex: Lucy is the female character I’ve been screaming out for, for longer than I care to admit. She is noble, strong in her resolve. Unwavering. She refuses to be the other woman and has removed herself from the equation. And Wyatt, poor confused puppy, is finally starting to understand. Any other response in this episode from Lucy would have been a disservice to her character, and the show’s biggest mistake. I have no issues with the Lyatt relationship playing a role in this episode, and I think the writers handled it perfectly.

Mimi: “This is a good sign, having a broken heart. It means we have tried for something” –Elizabeth Gilbert, Eat, Pray, Love  I was so proud of my girl for finally letting Wyatt know how she is feeling and where he stands with her. She served his ass and put him on notice! “Rebound from what? Our one night relationship” Boy Bye!  Except, WE ALL KNOW it was/is so much more than just one night. SIGH. Lucy has been hurting since Amy was taken away from her last season, on top of that, her mother is CRAZY and manipulative, and NOW Wyatt has been taken from her too!  Seriously, how much more can Lucy endure? She lives in a bunker with the love of her life’s former dead wife who may or may not be connected to RH. DAMN! Shit is rough for her right now.  I am satisfied with her reaction to Wyatt’s jealousy of her and Flynn and what he thinks went down between them. In all of this Lucy will be okay because she is strong AF.  In a tough situation like this one, I’m glad Lucy stood up for herself and said You know what Wyatt, you don’t get to be the victim here! You got what you wanted and you cannot have me too. It’s not fair to me, to my heart, go figure out your life, then holla at me. I think her interaction with the suffragettes was timely and aprepro. Women uniting and saying NO MORE BS from white males is what is happening right now, TODAY. I think she was struck with awe by the sheer number of women who were rallying and fighting to be seen as more than just mothers and sexual objects. I think having her heart broken has made her look deeper within herself and that’s good, self checking is good.  I want Lucy to continue to fight for what is right and for what she believes in.  I want her to continue to save history and take down RH. I want her to reunite with Wyatt, her soulmate and be HAPPY for at least 5 consecutive episodes before they pull the rug out from under her again because WE ALL KNOW, they will.

SarahL: Well this one has been brewing. For a while i was worried that Lucy wasn’t going to say what was on her mind. Up until this point she’s been incredibly selfless and that was the point of Alice Paul in this episode, and something Lucy stated to Grace. Alice Paul gave up so much for others, and in this instance other women. Lucy has been strong and put up a front with pretty much everyone at this point, including Wyatt.

In this episode, down to the courage of other women and thinking she was the only one able to make the speech, she made her way out the door to do so. With Wyatt close on her heels and worried for her safety. Then she hits him with it, she’s hurt now, it’s too late. Whilst he can physically protect her, emotionally it’s another story, because he’s the one causing the pain inside. I am so glad she told him, made it clear that it’s been killing her. Part of me thinks he’s been in denial of that one for a while, because the thought of hurting Lucy kills him too. But she laid it bare, he’s going to have to know she’s in pain now and deal with it. Because she has too and has been on her own, so it’s time for a change. I’m so proud of her. Lucy Preston is incredible and it’s genuinely hard to put into words how much i admire this character.

Regarding their final scene I didn’t fully pick up on everything on the first watch. However after a discussion with Lizzie and then my Timeless Twinny Jen (shout out babe) i understood everything that was being said. Now that Wyatt knows what she feels, in a way so does Lucy (albeit not fully. DEAR LORD BOY USE YOUR WORDS). So she had to lay it down, her principles and what she wasn’t willing to accept, and that’s being the reason his marriage to Jessica failed. She doesn’t want Wyatt to lose his second chance on the “miracle” (which we all know is no miracle when it comes from Rittenhouse) that is ‘Jess’. So she is telling him to make it work, still of course blinded by the fact he isn’t happy. That’s clear. So she does still need to see that, but she’s noble as hell. And I go back to the scene by the pool in episode 3, part of her think’s someone like Wyatt (the jock), could never love someone like her (the nerd). But it will come, and Lucy will see that she’s worth every bit of Wyatt’s love that I know he’s willing to give if she accepts it.

Funmbi: I was really happy to see Lucy stand up for herself and *finally* protect her own feelings. I’ve said it before, but one of the things that has so infuriated me, is how Wyatt believes he can still have Lucy in his life… even with Jessica back in his life. It’s completely unfair, especially since Wyatt, himself, has acknowledged that Lucy has been selfless in repeatedly putting his relationship with Jessica first. But for Wyatt to try and call Lucy out for spending the night with Flynn (even as he’s resumed sexy times with Jessica) and then dictate the risks Lucy can and can’t take for the mission… he goes too far! It’s wonderful to see Lucy put her foot down and tell Wyatt alllllllll about himself and his ridiculousness! He isn’t a victim in this situation and he can’t continue to expect to continue his relationship with Lucy as if Jessica never returned. She’s the one who has had the rug pulled out from under her, she’s the one who’s heartbroken, but trying to be the bigger person. Wyatt needs to slide it all the way on back and let Lucy live her life and perform on these missions as she sees fit. I do love that it’s the episode where Lucy witnesses the valor of the Suffragettes that propels her to embrace her own agency and vocalize her pain. Even Grace Humiston warns Lucy away from Wyatt! *SNORT*


Wyatt got the verbal slap that he needed – and he finally told Lucy that he cares about her too. What comes next? How does Wyatt get from here to unequivocally choosing Lucy? Does it feel to you like, in a way, he sort of already did? What do you need from him going forward?

Lizzie: I feel like he 100% chose already, and more importantly, he knows it, but his loyalty is keeping him in place. Well, that and the certainty that Lucy wouldn’t accept him anyway. So what I need to see now is actual words that will convince Lucy (AND US), and I’m guessing they’ll come, as will the Jessica/Rittenhouse revelation.

Alyssa: There’s no denying that Wyatt is conflicted and hurting with this entire situation. And while, yes, he wasn’t the one that got screwed — he did get his wife back — Wyatt’s still not in the right state of mind right now to be looking at things objectively. I feel like there’s this obligation and sense of guilt that comes with staying with Jessica. I keep thinking back to Hollywoodland where we saw Wyatt happy for the first time in this entire series, really. Then, Jessica came back and the happiness disappeared. You’d think that Wyatt getting a second chance with his wife — even after that initial shock in 2×04 — would make the man happy. But it’s the indication that Wyatt has subconsciously already chosen Lucy. I feel like Wyatt wanted Lucy to give him the chance, the opening to choose her. He voiced his feelings about her. He wanted to know where that left them. It was almost as if Wyatt needed guidance towards the decision. But Lucy didn’t give it to him. No, Wyatt is going to have to do this on his own. He’s going to have to, without a doubt and with finality, choose Lucy. No more of this waiting for her to come to him or just hoping that one of these missions they’ll come back and things will go back to how they used to be. No, Wyatt needs to follow his heart on this one. Fight for what you want. Don’t stay in a relationship because you feel obligated. If he does, he’s only hurting himself, Lucy, and Jessica.

Lyra: I need Wyatt to check himself, stop giving Lucy heart eyes, and try to work it out with his wife. If working it out with his wife means leaving her, then so be it. But he can’t keep himself in two worlds, one where he’s with Lucy and the other where he’s with Jessica. It’s not fair to either of them and this all coming from someone who ships Lyatt. Crazy, right? I’m looking for Wyatt to commit and stop stringing people along, including himself. For so long he’s been defined by his loss for Jessica. And I know it’s scary to think that there’s something or someone new out there that can help take his life in a different direction, but he has to choose. Once he does, I think they’ll all be better for it. Hint: It’s TV. He’s going to choose Lucy, after he figures himself out of course, because Lucy doesn’t deserve sloppy seconds or a guy who picked her because his wife is evil.

Lariel: I don’t think Wyatt can unequivocally choose Lucy until he gets pushed into it. He’s sticking with Jessica because she was his high school sweetheart, she was his wife. I feel like he’s trying to convince himself that Jessica is what he wants – and he’s lying to himself every minute.

Bex: Sadly, I think Rittenhouse is going to cause more issues here, and if Jess really is RH I’m rather torn at the moment about how the Lyatt relationship should play out. If that’s the case, then good God NBC we’re going to need that third season to steer Lyatt back to one another.

I do think he has already chosen her, deep inside his heart. But what kind of a man would he be if he gave up on Jess so soon? She’s been back, what? Two weeks? Give the man a chance to realise the only person for him is Lucy. I think, realistically, these two have a slow journey back to one another in season three. So, dammit, NBC, give us it.

Mimi: Wyatt telling Lucy that he cares about her too, is NOT the same thing as saying he LOVES HER.  Even though we know he does, and he knows he does. In his reluctance to tell Lucy just how deeply his care runs, he let her down.  I just want to punch him in the throat right now!  He is not saying what he should! I don’t even know if his brain is working properly at this point. In season one, he told Lucy to stop thinking with her head and say what was in her heart, well it’s time for him to do the same. God!  They are already married to each other and just don’t know it. So basically, Wyatt’s cheating on Lucy with Jessica. Ha! Where do they go from here? Oh I don’t know, how about we get rid of Jessica, the freaking elephant in the bunker, and then we can talk about moving forward with Lyatt. Wyatt already chose Lucy, long ago, he did guys!  If Wyatt cannot get his shit together and tell that girl that he loves her, LIKE THIS SEASON, and that he chooses her, then he deserves to be unhappy in his fake marriage to Jessica. I keep thinking something is gonna cause a reckoning within him, but it hasn’t happened yet. Does Lucy need to be kidnapped AGAIN? Shot? Held for ransom?  What is it gonna take for him to REALIZE who is true love is?  SMH. Have Wyatt come and talk to me and Lizzie, we will be the two big sisters he never had and set him straight. Going forward,  I need him to be honest, because he is not being honest with himself right now. Wyatt’s just doing the right thing, because he thinks he’s been given this 2nd chance by fate.  Little does he know fate can be quite cheeky regarding love,  and sometimes its purpose is to set us on the path towards our true soulmate, NOT our perceived one.

Sarah: Wyatt. Dear sweet Wyatt. Communication has always been something I think he’s struggled with. I think that’s the reason his life with Jessica in his timeline, and this one has been difficult. He struggles to say what he really feels. Because in this episode it highlighted a lot, his jealousy, his protectiveness and even his selfishness. It doesn’t make him a bad person, it just makes him human.

We have clearly seen Lucy suffer, but with Wyatt it’s been different, because he has what he’s always wanted right? Jess is back, she’s with him in the bunker, you would assume that would make him happy. But as showcased in the last few episodes, he’s barely acknowledged his wife’s existence. His first thought has been Lucy, seeking her out when he gets back from the Rittenhouse raid (notice how he didn’t change or go and see Jess first?) prompting her for more information about the mission, just so he could talk to her. Then clearly in this episode, forgetting to say goodbye to his wife, because he was too busy trying to stop Flynn from joining them, because he was getting too close to Lucy for his liking. These missions are always life and death, he also could return and Jess not be there, but she doesn’t get a goodbye kiss, instead she gets a half hearted wave.

All of this leads to the final scene with Lucy; I have always said that Lucy’s pain in Wyatt’s pain, and that’s no different here, apart from what’s been going on with them. When Lucy is upset, Wyatt was always the one to comfort her, no matter what. Alice Paul was erased from history and only Lucy knows about her, just like Amy. It’s something to point out here that she’s playing with her necklace (the one that has Amy’s photo in it) while she talks about Alice. So when Wyatt goes to comfort her, it’s instinct to him and he isn’t thinking about this barrier between them, he just wants to be there for her, because he was there when she lost Amy, and this time he met Alice and he knew her. But Lucy is right to pull away, because he can’t do that now not after what has transpired between them.

In nearly every situation that he’s been in recently Wyatt’s first thought has been Lucy. He didn’t shoot Emma because of Lucy, he didn’t shoot Carol because of Lucy, he didn’t want Flynn on the mission because of Lucy, I could go on. To me, Wyatt has made his choice, even if he doesn’t know it yet. Now there could be a time that he needs to put this into action, if both women were in danger, who is his choice? In my mind his first thought is Lucy. At first Wyatt went back to Jess because of his guilt and the pedestal he put their marriage on, now he’s starting to realise that is isn’t what he wants. He wanted Lucy to say something more in that last scene, he wanted her to fight and say she wanted him too. But Wyatt, it doesn’t work that way kid, your the one with the wife and Lucy doesn’t want you to give up on her.  

I would say his ‘choice’ will be the finale so 9/10. The writers have been clever, they are already telling us Wyatt wants Lucy, but he’s stuck and conflicted. But it’s once he realises that “miracle” isn’t a miracle, and that goes for Lucy too. That both of them realise they don’t have to feel guilty about what they feel.

Funmbi:  The thing is, Wyatt is trying to have his cake and eat it too. He wants to rekindle his relationship with Jessica AND he wants to continue floating in his Lucy feels. But that’s NOT going to be possible. I really do believe that Wyatt still cares about Lucy. But, as the kids say, fuck your feelings–it’s actions that matter! If Wyatt wants Lucy in his life, he will have to affirmatively choose her and set Jessica aside. It’s going to be pretty difficult, because Lucy will have to be convinced that Wyatt really is over Jessica. I honestly don’t know what triggers this. Maybe Flynn is the one to talk sense into Wyatt? Maybe finding out Jessica is really Rittenhouse…?


Flynn and Rufus was the bromance we didn’t know we needed! What did you think about their interactions? Are you looking forward to more of this in episodes to come?

Lizzie: I feel conflicted about this, because I really, really loved their interactions. I did. I think they were hilarious together, and I would love to see them forced to team up again. That being said, I’ve been cursed with a good memory and I remember that Flynn almost had Rufus killed, and it all stops being so nice. Though I guess that sorta adds to how uncomfortable and delightful this all was?

If this is going to be real, and meaningful, though, instead of just something that makes us laugh, Flynn needs to start with apologizing. It’s the LEAST you can do when you try to have someone killed.

Alyssa: While I expected to enjoy Flufus’ interactions, I honestly didn’t expect to love Rufus and Flynn’s bromance as much as I did. Whether it was the verbal quirps — “I promise not to kill you today” or “Flynn it up, Flynn!” — or how there was a sense of protectiveness at the march, I loved every single scene these two men had together. The beautiful thing is that this is a dynamic that has so much potential for growth. They’re not friends by any means. If that’s to happen, we’re going to need to see Flynn start apologizing for his actions and we need to see Rufus willing to genuinely accept that and move forward. But as a viewer, I also need Flynn to apologize. Due to the immense amount of season 1 rewatches, I remember all too vividly how Flynn tried to have Rufus killed. As a viewer and for Rufus, that doesn’t sit well with me. These are the first steps of a bromance, of a friendship. We just need the writers to take us all the way.

Lyra: Flynn and Rufus were like sassy brothers who hate each other but also kind of can stand each other on the rare occasions they meet up. It’s entertaining, funny, and you can’t help but want for more because their personalities complement each other. It doesn’t mean things aren’t going to explode in their faces or that they won’t go neck to neck if things get bad. They will. And I’ll be right there waiting for what wise cracking job Rufus comes up with or what rude/sassy line Flynn comes up with.

Lariel: I always love these kind of relationships; two guys who should really dislike each other, managing to get along. I do want to see more, but I also agree with Lizzie that Flynn needs to do some apologizing.

Bex: What I liked most about it was seeing Flynn’s human side coming out. He was clearly concerned about Rufus’ attitude, and the risks he was taking, and showed he does actually give a damn about people by helping Rufus to his feet. I feel like this season we’re seeing more of who Flynn was before his family was murdered, and it’s the time team bringing that out of him.

I’m still not Flynn’s biggest fan, because some actions from season 1 cannot be forgotten or excused, but there’s growth here, and that’s always a good thing.

Mimi: Awwww, loved them! I hope they know that they are hilarious, they know that right? Two Dicks LOL WTF?  Like, it’s totally a buddy cop show I would watch. Flynn is more focused than anyone right now, because his feelings are not compromised. At this point, he has everyone’s back including Rufus, who he tried to have killed last season. I want more of them working together, this season and next. You know I actually like having him in the bunker now. Just saying…   #Flufus

Sarah: That’s the perfect way to describe this duo, we didn’t know we needed them. Both are sassy and sarcastic. They bounce so well off each other and that’s down to Goran and Malcolm. I can’t get enough. It’s been proven how different Flynn already is this season. His ‘What?!’ to Rufus when he was explaining that he already knows how he’s going to die. I heard concern. Flynn saved Rufus in the march too. There’s already understanding there and i can’t wait to see more, not just because they are hilarious, but because I can see genuine moments between them. Flynn has been a great addition to the time team and i never thought i would say that. I still can’t fully trust him….who can after he tried to kill them all a number of times, kidnapped Lucy and had Rufus shot? But he’s getting there, and i think he’s getting to the time team, one person at a time. Lucy, Rufus and Wyatt even. He pushed Wyatt to talk to Lucy about what was going on. He’s having slow positive effect on the team. I just hope we have more Flynn and Rufus scenes coming before the end of the season!

Simy: Please let there be more of them! Please! I beg you!

Funmbi: This Flufus friendship was unexpected, but very much enjoyable! These two were really funny together, but also fearless in stopping Rittenhouse in this mission. It’s like, once Rufus realized that Flynn wouldn’t be the one to kill him, it unleashed an impetuosity in Rufus. Rufus was getting into fist fights, telling Flynn to “Flynn it up” and take a man with a gun down. Rufus’ increasing recklessness seemed to trigger a sort of big-brother protectiveness in Flynn. Yeah, Rufus wouldn’t die in 1919, but he could have been maimed, etc. Flynn was watchful of Rufus and even came to his defense in the midst of the violence with police at the end of the episode. I still don’t trust Flynn, so I don’t know how I feel about him deepening his relationships with the Time Team. Flynn might be Rufus’/Lucy’s friend today, but they certainly shouldn’t count on him for tomorrow…


Emma went from straight up villain to three-dimensional morally grey character in one episode. What are your feelings about her? Do you think she’s playing Nicholas, is he being played or is that true love? And, did you feel a spark with Flynn?

Lizzie: I’m gonna be honest here, I’ve never actually cared for Emma. At least, I never did, before this episode. She was a little too one-dimensional for my liking, and after a Season 1 of Flynn, she just didn’t do it for me. Now? Now I’m all in for whatever it is they want to give me, because they gave her depth and the actress absolutely sold it.

No true love. No. I think Nicholas is playing her, though. Or maybe they’re playing each other? She doesn’t seem the type to just fall for it. This will be interesting to see develop in the next few episodes. As for Flynn, oh yes. I ship that. Give it to me.

Alyssa: (insert: It’s been 84 years gif here). No, seriously, I’ve been waiting for what feels like forever to get some real substantial background on Emma. For so long she’s been this one-dimensional villain that was just evil for the sake of being evil. Now, we know that not to be the case, but when the audience doesn’t know the villain’s backstory, it makes it really hard to give a damn. Timeless took a step forward this week shining a light on Emma’s dark past and how she used her hardships to propel her to substantial success. Villains, the truly good ones, are the ones that have layers. The ones where, while we might not necessarily agree with them, we can see their motivations and understand why they’re doing what they’re doing. Getting that background on Emma — how her father abused her and her mother, how Emma fought her way out of darkness — explains a lot about the person Emma is. She’s someone that’s worked her ass off to get to where she is. Sure, she’s evil. She’s killed. But I finally understand her and her motivations. Not that I accept them, but it’s nice to finally know more about Emma than just that she’s evil.

No, Emma and Nicholas are not true love. He’s disgusting and sees her as nothing but property, as evidenced by him wanting to squash the 19th amendment and “stick it to women.” Now, Emma and Flynn, on the other hand, my suspicions are that they’ve already hooked up, but there’s no denying that spark. That was a lot of fire in that hotel room scene. The type of chemistry you feel coming off the screen. I’d like to know more about that dynamic, as well as see some development.

Lyra: I LOVE EMMA! *taps mic* Sorry, didn’t know it was that loud. Let’s start again. I love Emma. Have from the very start even though she was super evil and kept calling Lucy, “Princess.” There was just something about her that drew me and let me know that she wasn’t what she seemed. I was right. Emma has her own lines that she won’t cross and she will do what she must, even betray Nicholas, if it means protecting her mother or the rights of women. As for Nicholas, I think she’s playing house. Rittenhouse left her alone and in those woods for 10 years and things are starting to get crazy. Being at Nicholas’ side, who’s the leader of all this crazy, is the safest place for her to be right now. As for Flynn…HELL YEAH THERE WERE SPARKS! I need those flashbacks/crack fics right now!

Lariel: Oh, it’s NOT true love between Emma and Creepy Grandpa. No way. These two are using each other. But I am pleased that they gave Emma just a little bit of extra dimension in this episode. The best characters are not all one thing; they are layered. I believe I’ve said this before about Flynn. The layers make them interesting.

Bex: I’m not a fan of Emma, not at all. This episode made me feel a little for her during it, but I still won’t be sad if she doesn’t survive the season. I don’t think that’s anything even close to true love with Nicholas, that’s just Emma doing whatever she needs to do to get things done.

And the only person I want to see Flynn with is Lorena – so I hope he gets his happy ending one day.

Mimi: Emma has always been likable, even when she is trying to take out Lucy time after time. I think, I just like her because she IS funny and ruthless at the same time. She is layered and posses what every good villain should. I’m starting think she may have a soul underneath all that red hair and freckles.  Emma provided some sass and put all those boys in their places and their Jack Asses NEED IT this season!  I hate, that she hates Lucy so much, and now I’m confident it’s really displaced jealousy mixed with some childhood trauma.  Emma has a broader agenda than just taking out Lucy for RH, and Emma is 100 percent playing Nicolas. She is calculative and has a killer poker face, I think her end game is clear, become Queen of RH, she’s basically Lady MacBeth.  So About Emma and Flynn, I don’t know if I saw a spark or just someone she feels is her equal. They are fun to watch, but I don’t know if Flynn shares any romantic vibes with her, he is way too focused on getting his family back.

SarahL: Damn, I say it all the time. But these writers. Only these writers can make someone who is clearly out to kill Lucy, shoots and doesn’t think about it, actually likeable? Saying that, it isn’t just the writers, its Annie too. She’s fantastic and i think that combination is amazing.

Giving her a backstory was something I didn’t think was coming, i honestly thought they were making her a one dimensional villain (lookin’ at you Grandpa Nick). But she’s far from it, and taking a stand against the organisation that found her recruited her, who has appeared to blindly follow their orders up until this point? Women’s rights is where she draws the line. And that’s what makes me sure she’s playing Nicholas, she knows his views. She won’t entertain that. She will be after the top seat and after the performance in 7? Sorry GPa, your days are numbered.

As for Flynn and Emma….that was very interesting. I’m not saying something happened. We all know how set he is about getting his wife back. But that was a different side to Emma speaking to Flynn….it’s definitely got me intrigued. I raised my eyebrows at it and it did make me wonder…so i am hoping for more scenes and to maybe delve a little deeper there.

Simy: Emma for me never changed to a villian  because I knew we would get a backstory on HER character and if you know that then you know that one has a bigger story to be told behind the evil villain part. Emma brings this new power to Timeless in the form of a bit of a funny bit. She definitely has a second agenda. Playing Nicolas to take the throne. Why not. She would be capable of taking over for sure. But what she would do with that position is the biggest question I have for now. What will be her big plan aside from being Queen of Rittenhouse. Take advantage and go above Carol. About Emma and Flynn, I saw that from the start… Maybe it’s not romantic but they did share something and their little banter was hilarious to watch. She called him into his place and her words about poor little baby. I laughed so hard. I hope we see more of them.

Funmbi: Emma is 100% still villainous. She’s still on Team Rittenhouse, which apparently includes hooking up with Crazy Nicholas Keynes. In fact, it’s her savagery and single-minded commitment to the cause that likely attracts Nicholas to Emma. He’s the same way. With that said, all this episode told us is that, if push comes to shove, Emma is willing to put herself and her own interests about Rittenhouse. The *only* reason she sides with the Time Team to undercut the sleeper agent is that she needs women (like her own mother) to have sufficient independence to be able to leave an abusive husband. That’s it. It’s not that Emma has a particular love for Women’s rights in the aggregate. With that said, I did enjoy learning this new side of Emma. At her core, she’s a child who loves her mother, just like so many of us. What remains now is to see if the Time Team could ever convince Emma that her true interests would lie in taking down Nicholas and Rittenhouse. This *could* open up other opportunities to collaborate with the Time Team. I wouldn’t hold my breath though. As far as romance, I didn’t really see a spark with Emma/Flynn. I mean, I saw more feeling between Emma and Rufus, after all, they were once colleagues and friends. As I’ve said, I think the attraction between Emma and Nicholas is built upon their mutual desire for power. But these two will always choose their OWN self-interest and self-aggrandizement. So, Emma and Nicholas are probably playing each other.

Agree? Disagree? Have any more Timeless thoughts? Share with us in the comments below!

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