'Marvel's Daredevil' 2×03 Review: "New York's Finest"

Hey! We’re back with our third review of this season’s Daredevil on the episode “New York’s Finest”. As we’ve mentioned in our previous reviews, this season we are reviewing each episode so we can get deeper into the nitty gritty of this spectacular series and so we can keep up with everybody’s various binge-ing habits.
In this episode we got an epic discussion about the ethics of being a superhero between The Punisher and Daredevil, a fight scene to battle the hallway scene from season two, and the return of an old favorite.
Let’s get into New York’s Finest:

The talk between Frank and Matt

So at the end of the last episode (if you are binge-ing appreciate how fluidly these episodes flow into each other) we saw The Punisher drag Matt away and this week we see him tied up in chains on a roof.
The two of them discuss their various ethoses (at length) with Matt trying to discern more about The Punisher, finding out if he’s Catholic, whether he’s originally from New York, trying to get him to talk about his time in the war etc. Frank Castle however turns things around, by challenging Matt’s version of justice and what he is willing to do.

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The ultimate test is when he pulls out Grotto, the remaining member of the Irish mob, and tapes a gun to Matt’s hand, telling him he can either shoot The Punisher to save Grotto, or allow The Punisher to kill Grotto. Frank also makes Grotto tell Matt about how he killed a woman in a home recently.
Matt uses the gun to shoot himself free of the chains but Frank still kills Grotto. Matt knocks Frank unconscious, but always two steps ahead, Frank already called in Dogs of Hell for some backup.

The stairwell fight scene

We all knew that this season Daredevil will constantly be chasing another version of the infamous hallway fight scene of the first season. They did a good job with a scene where Matt fights through a hallway of Dogs of Hell members with the gun still taped to his hand, and an unconscious Frank draped over his shoulder. It ends in Matt winning his way through the biker gang but Frank still managing to escape.
I’m not the biggest fan of fight scenes but even I could appreciate how well choreographed this scene was, it worked fluidly and excellently. So this was definitely one of my highlights of the episode.

The return of Claire – New York’s best nurse!

I must say I adore the role that Rosario Dawson’s character, Claire Temple plays in the Netflix and Marvel universe, especially the way she is a common thread between all the shows.

Credit: Netflix
Credit: Netflix

Her role in ‘New York’s Finest’ was minimal, Foggy went to the hospital to look for Matt and attempted to find out if she knew anything. She casually mentions her encounter with Jessica Jones and Luke Cage last year, and as we know she’ll play prominent part in the first season of Luke Cage there is plenty more good things to come for Claire.

Last minute notes

  • Karen had a side plot where she blackmailed the Assistant DA in order to get files on The Punisher, one which shows a scan of his head with a bullet in it.
  • In the hospital, Foggy subdues a situation between two rival gang members showing his boss skills
  • I’m finally starting to warm up to The Punisher, like yes he is murderer but I kind of get where he’s coming from

Marvel’s Daredevil is currently streaming on Netflix

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