‘Hunters’ 1×03 Review: Maid of Orleans

One of these days, this show will make sense. I think. I hope. Today, however, is not that day.

But, at least, in “Maid of Orleans,” the show tries, at last, to provide some backstory. It tries to get us to connect with the one character they seem to be basing this whole thing on. Whether it’s successful or not, it’s a different story all together.

The problem with ‘Hunters’ – the big one, for there are many issues, starting with Flynn and his behavior, right down to the ETU and not even mentioning the actual endgame for the Hunters – is that it doesn’t quite know what it is, what it wants to be. Is it Alien? Predator? A crime procedural?

What it’s not, though, it’s what it pretends to be – a combination of all of those. For all that the premise is original, the way the show handles these alien “hunters” vaguely resembles every alien movie and TV show we’ve ever seen. And that’s a disappointment. If you first started watching this show because it was different, chances are you’ve stopped now that you’ve realized that it’s got nothing new to offer. And, if you started watching because of the characters, well ….I don’t know that anyone did.

Because we don’t care. They don’t care. No one cares, really. There’s no camaraderie, no love, no human emotion to tie us to what’s going on. There’s only sci-fi and aliens. And that’s not what we watch.

This show has promise; we said it from the beginning. With a dash of humor, a little more edginess and the establishment of some actual relationships between the ETU members, a show like this could be the new big thing. But three episodes in, we’re not sure ‘Hunters’ is ever going to realize its promise. We don’t know that we’re invested in figuring out where this story is actually going. And that’s a shame.

Other things:

  • The team dynamics are strangely screwed up this week, with no real explanation. I thought everyone knew about Regan? Why react to her like that NOW? She saved everyone.
  • Especially Briggs. He was just defending her a few days ago.
  • Can shows that star a “latino” actually get latinos who CAN SPEAK GOOD SPANISH? Those people in the “Colombian” jungle are clearly NOT Colombians. They don’t even speak Spanish like natives.
  • Also, the slang isn’t Colombian.
  • Why don’t we ever see Regan’s mother?
  • Is anyone ever going to make a joke? Just one. I’m not asking for much.
  • How long are we going to stay in this jungle? Because I miss Julian McMahon.

Hunters airs Mondays at 10/9c on SyFy.

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