Fear the Walking Dead Season Finale Review: “Wrath” & “North”

Fear the Walking Dead finally stepped it up and stopped living in the shadow of it’s sister show The Walking Dead in it’s two-hour season finale. “Wrath” & “North” was the first time we’ve seen how far these people truly would go for each other. They’re becoming killers and giving up on the lives and people they were before. There’s no coming back from the death, guilt, and pain they’ve experienced. The only way to survive is to evolve and keep moving forward. Or in the case of our survivors, back to the US.

Chris’ death in “Wrath” was the most depressing moment of the two hour finale. When you’re part of the core cast you are afforded a significant and momentous death. Chris didn’t get that. He drove off with the boys, because these aren’t men, that he chose over his father. And in a series of flashbacks, we find out that he was treated like roadside garbage by these boys and killed with no regard.

There’s no opportunity for Chris to redeem himself, reunite with his father, or meet people that would help him become the man his parents always wanted him to be. He just disappeared into the distance and left us with Travis’ guilt and pain. Thanks a lot AMC!


This finale proves acts as a turning point for Travis. He’s always been adamant about keeping the parts of himself that were human. He wanted pre-apocalypse Travis to be an example for his son to follow. Now that Chris is gone there’s nothing left to hold onto. That’s why he killed Brandon and Derek, who we don’t feel an ounce of pity for.

There are no prisoners in the apocalypse and there was no way a wing of the hotel was going to be turned into a makeshift one. Brandon and Chris had to look at the flowers, Travis style. The loss of a child will put this father at risk for slipping down a slope of depression and stupid decisions once season three starts. We’re not looking forward to that.

Alicia also took a step forward in the evolution of her character in “North”. She killed a man to protect her family and at the same time lost her final bit of innocence. Alicia is a killer now. And it makes me think that everyone underestimates this girl. While all of them were fighting in the room with Travis, she was looking for a solution, a way for them to get out alive. When they couldn’t, she did what she had to.


Madison might be the unofficial leader of these survivors but she’s got competition coming her way in the shape of Alicia. Madison is not equipped to make the decisions needed because she leads with her heart and not her mind. Alicia leads with both. That is what makes her a contender for last survivor once this show starts winding down.

The most aggravating aspect of this season finale lies with Madison and her relationship with Nick. She needs to stop chasing after someone who doesn’t want to be found. If Nick really cared about his mother and sister he would’ve gone back or looked for them. He didn’t. In fact, he moved on with his new family. Madison needs to finally cut the purse strings and look at the daughter that has stuck by her side all along.

At one point Alicia is going to be fed up, as much as we are, and leave her family behind. And when that happens, Madison will realize that she’s lost both of her children due to her own insecurities and overbearing nature. She’ll be adrift and have to figure out who she is without her children.

With Victor staying at the hotel, Ofelia being held by a random guy, and Nick captured at the border, there’s no way to tell when these people will reunite. Looks like we’re in a long game of catch me if you can as they return to the US.

MVP of the Fear the Walking Dead Season Finale: Alicia Clark


She’s done standing by and waiting for others to determine what comes next for her. It’s time for Alicia to rise.

Honorable Mention of Season Finale: Ofelia Salazar


Forget the dresses and letting other’s take care of her. It’s aviators, grime, and kicking ass!

Fear the Walking Dead will be returning for a third season in 2017 on AMC.

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