Do you ever have one of those shows that makes you wonder why you’re still watching it? For me, that’s Fear the Walking Dead. A show that I started watching because I used to be a fan of its parent show, The Walking Dead, and a show I stayed watchingRead More →


Well, Jimmy’s transformation into Saul Goodman is finally complete. In the finale, Jimmy got his law license back after he put on one of the best performances of his life to convince the bar association that he was “sincere” and considered Chuck an influence on his desire to become aRead More →

The penultimate episode of ‘Better Call Saul’s’ season 4 promised to be emotional, but watching Kim and Jimmy fight was more painful than I thought it would be, due to some absolutely incredible acting by Bob Odenkirk and Rhea Seehorn. It was a bit like watching Cap and Tony fightRead More →

The reference to Saul Goodman being “a criminal lawyer who’s actually a criminal” is a famous line from Jesse Pinkman in ‘Breaking Bad’. It’s the audience’s first introduction to the character Saul Goodman, and the moment that he decides to join himself with Walt and Jesse, a decision that willRead More →

The Walking Dead once again tested Rick & Co. and the viewer on how far we’re willing to go to defeat the enemy in “Monsters.” It was an episode of self reflection for many and the death of others. Eric, one of the only shining examples of LGBT representation onRead More →

The Walking Dead’s “The Damned” gave us action, action, also, did I forget to mention the action? On top of that, the age ol’ argument about what to do with those that we’re fighting against, popped its head up again. Do we make sure that the ones trying to hurtRead More →

Remember when zombies were the biggest thing to worry about in a post apocalyptic series? Well, it seems that even when you are running from the dead, you still have to content with human tendencies to not always get along. Fear the Walking Dead is in the middle of theirRead More →

Last week, Fear the Walking Dead brought back Daniel in a definite jaw-dropping reveal. After seemingly blowing up in a fire, everyone believed Daniel didn’t survive. Fear the Walking Dead’s latest episode “100” shows what Daniel has been up to since the explosion and his supposed death. Before we catch up toRead More →

After a strong start last week, Fear the Walking Dead continues to pick up momentum in the third episode entitled “TEOTWAWKI.” Since the show began, Fear the Walking Dead has failed to reach enough momentum to reach the level its counter part, The Walking Dead has. Living in the shadow of its muchRead More →

It’s hard to find the light in the midst of so much darkness, but The Walking Dead manages to give us this with Glenn and Maggie. Gleggie has been a staple couple on the show since season two and even though Glenn is no longer with us, his legacy lives onRead More →

Ahead of it’s Season 3 premiere, AMC has announced that Fear the Walking Dead will be returning for Season 4! The Walking Dead spin-off tells the story of a family surviving the apocalypse just as it’s beginning and their journey to head south of the border. Scott M. Gimple, theRead More →

Even zombies couldn’t stop Rick & Co. from celebrating Christmas. While they’re thinking about surviving till the next day, scavenging, and destroying Negan, I’m thinking a little bigger for their Christmas gifts. So, here’s my wish list for the characters of The Walking Dead. Santa (aka, the writers), I hopeRead More →

Beware MAJOR Walking Dead spoilers ahead… The Walking Dead is my favorite show to say the very least. Anyone who holds a conversation with me longer than five minutes will learn this very quickly. My love for this show defies anyone’s expectations. A Terminus map hangs right over my bed alongRead More →

It’s easy to say nothing. That’s been the prevailing sentiment when it comes to spoilers for The Walking Dead Season 7 at interviews and events like SDCC and NYCC. No spoilers, no hints, nothing to clue us in on what comes next for our survivors. And instead of spiralling onRead More →