Brooklyn 99: 10 Moments That Gave Us Jake and Amy Feels

Valentine’s Day is almost here and we love celebrating our favorite ships here at Fangirlish. There is so many great pairings out there on television now but one of the best has to be Jake and Amy on Brooklyn 99.

One of the best cases of ”opposites attract”, Detectives Jake Peralta and Amy Santiago is one of those couples that can be overly silly one second and romantic as heck the next. So here is the moments that show how much these two belong together.

1. Jake’s teasing of Amy in the pilot

One of the things that Jake and Amy do with each other is constant teasing. As Boyle points out to Jake later in season 1 , boys tease girls they really like sometimes. And as Jake’s constant teasing shows, he really liked Amy Santiago from the beginning.

2. The bet/date

After defeating Amy in a bet, Amy agreed to go on a date with Jake that leads to a stakeout. During the stakeout, both open up to each other and Jake refuses a team so he can spend more time with Amy. Afterwards, Amy smiles after Holt reveals that to her. And thankfully does not listen to Jake’s rule in the above gif.

3. Jake’s declaration

When Jake was recruited by the FBI, he made one final declaration to Amy. Saying he wanted to be with her “Romantic stylez” , the look on Amy’s face was much like all of ours as we suddenly saw how much Jake Peralta was in love with Amy Santiago.

4. Amy admits she likes Jake


Sorry Amy’s former boyfriend Teddy but this was a adorable think to see. Having Amy admit that she likes Jake even a little was a big step in showing that she too was thinking about Jake Peralta and a possible future together.

5. The First Kiss (well technically third one)

After a undercover mission as “Johnny and Dora” and a couple kisses to avoid detection, Jake and Amy take a moment to unwind. That leads to a passionate kiss and a look of raw lust from both. One of the hottest kisses in the last couple years on TV.

6. The First Time

One of Jake’s constant teasing jokes on Amy was taking whatever she said and saying that was the name of her sex tape. After Amy and Jake’s first time (and breaking one of their dating rules),Amy wonders if it was a mistake (IT WASN’T). The smile on Jake’s face as he says “Title of Our sex tape” is one of those moments that you couldn’t help but smile yourself at.

7. The little things


One of the best things about Jake and Amy is the little things. Whether arguing and making up over a mattress to rescue warming-up kisses, they make everything adorable.

8. First time saying “I Love You”

We had heard Jake and Amy say how much they liked each other but hearing both say “I love you” is one of the best things in the world. Look how much their eyes sparkle as they say it.

9. Their reunion

After being in witness protection for a long time, we were all wondering when Jake would be reunited with his one true love. After some awkwardness, Jake and Amy fell back in a groove and we were reminded once again of how much we love these two opposites.

10. Jake moves in with Amy

During another bet, we saw how much Jake loves Amy once again. Having the chance to win and have Amy move to his apartment, Jake purposely loses. He loves Amy too much to disappoint her here and gladly loses so he can move into her apartment. I love these kooky kids. Let them stay happy and in love forever!!

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