Timing is everything, and it’s finally time for Riverdale to explore the romance between Archie and Betty.Read More →


A unspoken truth about being a fan is that we all have couples we root for to get together on TV shows. No matter what genre it is – from sci-fi to drama to comedy to everything in-between – there’s always a ship that you find and you like. BecauseRead More →

Fandoms. They make the world go round. They make us happy. They make our hearts smile and they make our hearts full. They make us angry. They make us feel. They are who we are. Narrowing down the top fandoms of the year is one of the hardest jobs onRead More →

No matter your job, your gender, your sexual orientation or your location in the world, we all have some place in fandom. We all have a favorite show, movie, book, celeb, and we’ve all spent more hours than we would probably admit to others captivated within the world of media.Read More →

Valentine’s Day is almost here and we love celebrating our favorite ships here at Fangirlish. There is so many great pairings out there on television now but one of the best has to be Jake and Amy on Brooklyn 99. One of the best cases of ”opposites attract”, Detectives Jake PeraltaRead More →