Let’s face it, Black lives, culture and artists aren’t celebrated the way they should be. We all have to do our part to showcase them, not just not, but always. So, today, we have put together a list of sixteen different books by Black Authors for you to check out.Read More →


Space Force. I know. With that title I usually role my eyes and think about how stupid an actual Space Force is. Brilliant idea, Donald. However, the Space Force we will be discussing will not be the actual new branch of the U.S. Military. Netflix has a new series thatRead More →

Katy Keene made us all “Come Together” this week for the season finale. It was full of surprises and some eye opening moments for our foursome friend group. Let’s chat about some of the things that happened. THE ROAD LESS TRAVELED All four friends in the Katy Keene universe took the roadRead More →

“Chain of Fools” was the title of this week’s episode of Katy Keene. Oh, there were so many fools. I watched as some major bubbles finally popped. It was painful. But it wasn’t a surprise. THERE GOES GATY, MAYBE? Well. My Gaty dreams have been dashed. I mean, I know theyRead More →

Ryan Murphy has a new limited series just released on Netflix, titled Hollywood. You might know Murphy from some of his other projects like The Politician, Pose or Glee. There are things about his new project that are inspiring, and others that need to be written a lot better, soRead More →

Katy Keene was back with a new episode this week, one titled ‘Gloria’. I won’t say the whole episode was boring, because there were moments I did enjoy. However, I did fast forward through some of it. I don’t feel one iota of guilt. GLORIA Gloria was certainly a big partRead More →

If you don’t know what a Lady Boss is, we will put it in simple terms for you: a Lady Boss is a woman who gets shit done and has control over her life. She empowers other women, and generally does whatever the fuck she wants because she can. SheRead More →

So with being in quarantine and practicing social distancing the last month…at times it’s gotten a little gloomy. I can only work so much, read and watch so much T.V. One thing that helps get me back into a happy mood is music. So I put together a playlist ofRead More →

Do you find yourself in need of something to listen to as you work from home. Do you just love Podcasts? Here at Fangirlish we have you covered! We have put together a list of all our favorite podcasts to help brighten up your day and expand your minds. ThereRead More →

Fangirlish had a chance to chat exclusively with Brian Falduto. You might know Brian from the movie School of Rock, in which he played Billy.  The film broke box-office records and led to the 2015 Broadway Musical as well as a Nickelodeon series.  Brian was named as PrideLife Magazine’s 20Read More →

Katy Keene is new this week with chapter six, titled “Mama Said.” Not going to lie, this week’s episode was boring. I found myself often drifting during the episode, which hadn’t happened before. However, let’s discuss chapter six. MAMA SAID Josie and Jorge’s moms were nothing short of supportive. TheyRead More →

This week’s episode of Katy Keene was titled “Song’s For a Winter’s Night”. This whole episode was literally just one long ass winter’s night. It was a night from hell for our friend group, and they went through a lot. Let’s talk about it! TRUSTING FRIENDS Let’s start with learningRead More →

We have more casting news for The Witcher season two from Netflix. Kim Bodnia (Killing Eve, The Bridge) has been cast as Vesemir. The official character description is: a charming relic of the witcher Golden Age. Vesemir is the oldest and most experienced witcher in our series, as well asRead More →

It’s a new week, which means we get Chapter four of Katy Keene “Here Comes the Sun.” There were a couple of bombshell’s dropped this week and some insecurities coming from our friendship group. Let’s get started! SING YOUR HEART OUT I usually don’t enjoy sing alongs, but I enjoyedRead More →

So, if like me, you absolutely loved The Witcher we are in for a bit of a wait until the second season premiers in 2021.  Which sucks. We don’t get to laugh at Jaskier or see Yennefer being a badass. There will be no more of Geralt’s hmms….or Ciri discoveringRead More →

Hunters’ first season was just released on Amazon Prime. It had both good and bad moments. Some that were predictable and some that took me by surprise. There were moments that I definitely cried in tears and outrage. I poured them out into this review for you. So, let’s goRead More →

Great news! The Witcher season 2 has officially begun production this month. Filming has begun in the U.K. and Netflix has announced a 2021 tentative release date, according to Deadline. As soon as anything is official, we will be sure to let you know! Lauren Schmidt Hissrich (Marvel’s Daredevil, Marvel’sRead More →