If you have watched The Witcher, it might have left you a bit…confused in some aspects.  Now, I am by no means an expert of the lore behind the world, but I shall do my best to explain some of it, and give you the means to find out more, ifRead More →


When The Witcher premiered, a lot of us here at Fangirlish fell in love with it. Typically, for things a bunch of us love or want to talk about in general, we put together a roundtable to discuss our thoughts, feelings and reactions. Joining me talking about The Witcher are Lizzie, Lyra,Read More →

After all the waiting, endless tweets, trailers and interviews… it is finally here. The Witcher premiered on Netflix, and it lived up to the all the hype, expectations and so much more. Join me as I talk about my overall impression, my favorite episode, characters, the ship of all ships,Read More →

Welcome to our Christmas movie roundtable part 2. We once again are talking about new Christmas movies we loved and hated, so you can have a better idea what to watch and what to skip:. Joining me this week are Erin, Lacey and Lizzie. McKenzie Check Inn to Christmas. I FINALLYRead More →

I don’t know if any of you have heard, but a new show is about to premiere on Netflix called The Witcher. Considering it’s based on a series of books and a video game some people know all about the series, and yet it feels like others know very little.Read More →

There are so many different TV shows that premiere and continue throughout the whole year. They bring laughter, joy, sorrow, and tears. The really good ones draw you in and make you connect with what they are really about. They create a vision. A story come to life.  We haveRead More →

Here at Fangirlish we looovvee Christmas movies! So we thought it would be a good idea to release roundtables up until Christmas, talking about the movies we loved and hated. You know, so you can make your list of what you should absolutely check out, and what you can andRead More →

The first season of The Witcher hasn’t even premiered yet and Netflix has already announced that it will be back for a second season. The Witcher is based on fantasy novels by Andrzej Sapkowski and the video game series. Henry Cavill stars as Geralt of Rivia, Freya Allan as Princess CiriRead More →

We have reached the conclusion of the Catherine the Great miniseries on HBO. I was left feeling a lot of similar things from the last three weeks, so let’s just get started with this weeks episode. THE END I am so happy that this series is over. I started off so hopefulRead More →

Another week. Another episode of Catherine the Great miniseries. This week’s episode was just about utter disappointment for me.  Except for production. I will continually sing their praises. Anyway, let’s address said reason’s for my disappointment. History This miniseries is a historical drama. I have seen the drama part of that phrase,Read More →

HBO has a new four part miniseries about Catherine II called, Catherine the Great. I love historical dramas, and I obviously love television or else I wouldn’t be writing this. I couldn’t wait for it to premiere as the trailer looked intriguing. Without further ado, let’s break down my impression ofRead More →

The time is finally here: most Fall TV shows have now premiered. You might find yourself with a new series to watch, or you might have decided that none of the new series have spoken to you. If you fall into the later category we are here to help. WeRead More →

Season 2 of FBI is coming! Season 1 started off with a bang, literally, and if this season is anything like the last then we are in for a ride. There are specifically three things I am excited for: more cases, Maggie and O.A., and our new bullpen team.   ReadRead More →

I don’t know if you have heard but, there is a new limited series on Netflix called Unbelievable.  I do want to give a warning before you watch, Unbelievalble contains depictions of sexual violence and investigations into sexual assault, which might be triggering for some.  It’s not something that isRead More →

If you loved season 1 of Mindhunter as much as I did, then you have been waiting, and waiting, and WAITING. It only took them two YEARS to give us another season. Season 1 gave us an introduction into the world that all true crime lovers love: we got to learnRead More →