“Made You Look” was a great title for this week’s episode of Euphoria. I didn’t look away once.  It’s not often that I watch a series that has me so completely drawn in like this has.  This week’s episode wasn’t low on drama or revelations, as per usual. Let’s talk aboutRead More →


This week’s episode of Euphoria was just scratching the surface of everyday teenage lives. In this week’s review we cover Rue, teenager manipulation and Nate’s disgusting behavior towards women. Let’s break down this week’s episode. Rue Let’s start with Rue.  I felt her anxiety up on that stage as she wasRead More →

Well friends, it’s here.  The pilot episode of Euphoria premiered last night, and they did not hold back at all. Let’s jump in and talk about the pilot episode: First Impression Here is my honest first impression. It was really good. This series is going good and it’s going to beRead More →

While summer is usually full of reruns and next to nothing on TV, there is a new series that we can get excited about! HBO’s Euphoria is based on teenager stories, following them as they go through life experiencing different struggles. Let’s talk about what excites us in this newRead More →

We have finally reached the end. Of this season, at least.  This week’s episode of Gentleman Jack is titled “Are You Still Talking?” which was fitting. In my opinion, the season finale was slow and I often thought, are you still talking? With that in mind, there was one important lessonRead More →

This week’s episode is titled “Do Ladies Do That?”. This is a fitting title for this week’s episode, to be honest.  In this week’s review I’ll go into the importance of understanding mental health, Anne being down on her luck, and the things that ladies do. Let’s get to it!Read More →

This week’s episode of Gentleman Jack is really stepping up its game.  Between seduction, family, and business dealings Anne has been very busy.  She knows what she wants and goes for it. Read below as I break down this week’s episode. Equals Anne’s relationship with Ms. Walker has progressed exponentially this week.Read More →

If I had one word to describe season 4 of Game of Thrones it would be satisfying. However, I don’t have to choose just one word, because this is my review.  So I would also add awesome, thrilling and flabbergasting. Since there were so many story lines and they were oftenRead More →

Welcome to Game of Thrones season 2! If you didn’t think season one could be beat, then this is the season that proves you wrong. This series only gets better as time goes on. Season 2 was full of war, backstabbing, alliances, marriages, revelations, discoveries, small minded men, and strong women. Read More →