‘Shadowhunters’ San Diego Comic Con Interview: Emeraude Toubia and Alberto Rosende

When we talk about one of our favorite couples from The Mortal Instruments books, it would have to be Simon and Izzy. The two have earned their love, they’ve battled to get to where they need to be. Their road wasn’t easy, but it was one that we were always willing to wait for.

We’re always happy to sit down with the cast of Shadowhunters, which we did at San Diego Comic Con. It’s interesting because from the first time we sat down with the cast until now, you can see how they have become a family. They are so much more at ease.

Seeing the actors who bring Sizzy to life is always interesting.

Sitting down with Alberto – he is always one of the kindest, well spoken men ever. He talked with us for a little bit before we all started talking. We wanted to know about Simon and his tough season and in usual Alberto fashion, he summed it up well, “You’re not just strong, you’re given moments of weakness. And then through that, you can find strength.”

Simon’s definitely had moments to show his strength.

Emeraude quickly joined, looking as perfect as ever. The two talked about the upcoming series finale, and even managed to tease Matthew Daddario as he walked by. The cast has a relationship that is great to see.

The two answered a question that has been burning in our brains. How have we seen the Seelie Queen as a child, but now Sarah Hyland is playing her and she’s an adult? Well, she can manipulate her age. That’s gonna come in handy when she gets older.

We of course asked about Sizzy, because who wouldn’t? We know we’re in for the long ass slow burn. But Emeraude summed up Simon and Izzy’s relationship really well, “When they are with each other they don’t have to pretend to be anywhere else.”

See the entire interview below –

Shadowhunters airs on Freeform.

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