‘Shadowhunters’ San Diego Comic Con Interview: Kat McNamara

If you are familiar with The Mortal Instruments or Shadowhunters, you know that Clary Fray is an important character – she’s the protagonist. It’s her evolution and what she is going through that sets up the entire series. It’s who she is that takes us on this journey.

Sitting down with Kat McNamara, she’s always a delight. The actress was one of the interviews for Shadowhunters that we conducted at San Diego Comic Con.

Obviously one of the first questions that we needed to ask was how she was enjoying San Diego Comic Con. Even though the cast has been at New York Comic Con, this was the first time that they attended the west coast con.

“A show I am really proud of and really happy to be a part of, it’s incredible.” she said.

Kat has always embraced the role of Clary. She’s taken it head on and she’s made something more out of it everyday.

Everything has changed for Clary this season, with the knowledge that her brother Jonathan is alive. But how does that change Clary, “A chance at having part of her biological family in her life again, is huge. She would do anything and everything that she can to give Jonathan a second chance.”

We can’t wait to see the final episodes of the season.

While none of the cast would really open up about the finale, Kat did tell us this,“I think that they are going to love it, but it’s also going to destroy them.”

Shadowhunters airs on Freeform.

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