‘The Walking Dead’ Sneak Peek & NYCC Details

The Walking Dead cast and executive producers hit up NYCC this past weekend to talk about what’s to come in Season 8. While there they dropped a sneak peek of Carl Grimes visiting the same gas station his father did in Season 1 Episode 1 “Days Gone Bye.” It’s a nice shout out to what was and a reminder of how much things have changed.

Check out the sneak peek below:

A sneak peek wasn’t the only thing we got at NYCC. With the show about to hit it’s 100th episode mark the executive producers were excited and grateful for the love that fans have shown the show and how far that love has taken them.

During the NYCC panel executive producer Gale Ann Hurd said, “The most important thing is we do it because you give us, all of you give us the energy to keep doing it. Your passion your support, your love, your tears when we lose a loved one. That’s what, really, we’re feeling tonight, that 100 episodes are only because of your support, so thank you.”

Despite the fact that our group of survivors have a war right around the corner they’ve got their groove back and will be reminiscent of Season 1-4. They’re trained, united, and willing to do whatever it takes to survive as a family. Sure some will falter, looking at you Morgan and Dwight, two men stuck between what they know is right and what they must do to survive. But others like Rick, Maggie, and Carol will continue to flourish and keep fighting for what they believe in and the kind of world they want or would’ve wanted for their children.

The Walking Dead has also confirmed that it has a sort of crossover with Fear the Walking Dead in the works. Details are scarce but one character from one show will appear in the other. According to creator Robert Kirkman, “All joking aside, I’m really excited. I get that question all the time. I think that we’ve finally gotten to a place with Fear the Walking Dead where it has its own identify.” And that fact makes it easier for a crossover to happen without taking away from either show.

Need a refresher of the Season 8 trailer? Check it out below:

The Walking Dead returns for it’s 8th season October 22, at 9 p.m. on AMC.

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