‘Famous in Love’ Adds Romeo Miller To The Cast

You know that we love us some Famous in Love. After a phenomenal first season, we’re anxiously awaiting season two, which just had it’s first table read.

Do we know what is going to happen in season 2? No. We’ve learned that the show doesn’t follow the books to a tee, which we’re okay with, because Rebecca Serle, who wrote the books, also co-created and developed the show. And lets be honest, if it was to follow the series, we’d be on a whole different path.

But that aside.

Season 2 of Famous in Love has added Romeo Miller to season 2. He will play Pablo $$, a Hip-Hop/R&B artist. And when do we get to meet him? That would be the season 2 premiere, entitled, “Players.”

“Pablo is known for his suggestive and confident anthems and undeniable stage presence. He’s the real deal when it comes to talent: a songwriter, producer and perfectionist and his rise to fame was fast and furious.”

The season premiere is written by Marlene King.

Romeo posted a photo on his Instagram with the cast.

We’re so excited for the second season and can’t wait to see who Paige chooses. No word on when it will premiere.

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