Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. 5×17 Review: “The Honeymoon”

Only on Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D can love be in the air when you are fighting robots, evil teenagers and fate itself. Yes, quite a few declarations of love are said in “The Honeymoon” in the midst of complete chaos. One thing that sets S.H.I.E.L.D above all the other comic book shows on the air is its ability to never compromise character over plot. The show’s flawless ability to mix the two together with some of the best action on television today just highlights how well S.H.I.E.L.D. has grown over the years.

“The Honeymoon” once again continues the A-B-C plot formula the show has been using successfully as of late. Fitz/Simmons and Yo-Yo search for a Hydra base leads to another example of time loops being a pain in the ass , Deke being shot and Mack and Agent Piper getting to do their best ER impression to save him.

And we haven’t even talked about Ruby and her ability to keep making us hate her or the surprise at the end.

Or the declaration of love from a two vastly different people.

So let’s delve into “The Honeymoon” by starting with two men, Ruby and a whole lot of snow.


Ruby goes chasing after Coulson and Talbot into the snowy woods. All hope seems lost until Daisy makes her appearance and we get our first big fight of the night : Quake vs. Ruby. The battle becomes a perfect example of how much Daisy has matured over the years to Ruby’s hotheadedness. It’s the ultimate example of youth vs experience that showcases Daisy’s growth at becoming a hero. She’s about to take Ruby captive when a couple things interrupted it. First, Deke arrives to try to lend a hand. That’s not a bad idea….until he gets shot badly in the shoulder/chest area by General Hale and a bunch of her Mecha-Robots. So instead of one villain captured, we have one team member (No Matter what Daisy tells him, Deke’s a part of the team now) seriously hurt.

Deke needs emergency surgery pretty quickly but the team doctor is out of town at the moment. (More on the Invincible Three later) So who’s going to step up and perform the surgery?? MACK. Now while not anybody’s first choice for this sort of thing, he is able to work a lot of magic thanks to help from Agent Piper and saves Deke’s life. After the surgery, Deke’s all drugged up which is the time when he tells Mack and Piper about his wishes to have lots of consensual kissing with Daisy.  Mack and Piper’s reactions sell it completely as Piper has a laugh out loud face while Mack has “please stop talking, I don’t want to know this” written all over his.

Now this isn’t a shock as I figured since they first introduced him, Deke was going to be a love interest for Daisy. They hit all the pre- romance tropes that ships do. They even did the big “Have a argument with just a touch of sexual tension” one in this episode. Going forward, will this be addressed by Deke again? I can see Mack never bringing it up but I have a feeling Piper might just blurt out about Deke’s love declaration to everyone.

Speaking of love declarations, we finally heard one that had been a long LONG time coming. The biggest thing is that it was delivered by one Melinda May. As May and Coulson start arguing about what she considers to be a way to reckless side of Phil lately (Sexual Tension Argument anyone?), Coulson talks about how it’s his life and it’s now or never. He’s going to live his way because he isn’t going to live forever. Tomorrow’s just going to get harder for Coulson so why not live while he’s still alive.

In response to this, May delivers a emotional grenade and leaves our hearts a flutter.


Phil does in fact shut up hearing this and May leaves our fearless leader in shock at May’s declaration of love. This is a big fucking deal as May never shows this kind of emotion…ever. Oh don’t get me wrong , she has all the feelings in the world. She’s a big mama bear to Daisy and the team but she’s never given words to those feelings. Till now. The trip into the future has made her realize that life is short and she’s not going to let Coulson shorten his without letting her true feelings known. What happens next? Truthfully, I don’t know. Coulson is not any closer to being saved but May’s not going to give up on trying. Philinda fans, this was a big moment. Breathe it in and let out those feels like May did here.


As for FitzSimmons and Yo-Yo, they ventured out to the countryside of England to visit a old Hydra base. At this base was found was a particle infusion chamber that General Hale so desperately wants. Also found on this mission was some very classic FitzSimmons’s flirting. From Simmons talking about how she wanted to go back to have a proper honeymoon to all the little kisses and hand-holding, if you didn’t enjoy these moments then I don’t know what to say. Well I would say you are a inhuman monster like Ruby and the Von Strucker kid whose first name I still don’t remember nor do I care to.

At the base, the trio run into a little trouble…and by a little I mean “The Superior” and a little tiny army of mecha robots. Yo-Yo tries to use her speed but finds out that her new mecha-arms don’t react well to going as fast as Yo-Yo does. It was a smart move to do this as if you think about, why need any other team members if Yo-Yo has super-speed and super-strength? It just sucks though because if any character needs a break, it’s Yo-Yo. Well actually they all do but only she’s the one who had her arms chopped off.  Yo-Yo , though still gets the upper hand on the so-called “Superior” and crushes his chest like I crush my third can of Mountain Dew after a long day at work.

Fitz and Simmons are trapped in the room where evil happens by the robots and we get our second cool action scene of the episode as FitzSimmons are in a shootout with the robots in some of the best slow-motion shots you’ll see on any television show. Through it all though, they still have time to be FitzSimmons, encouraging each other with little quick moments that makes you have all the feels for them. As it looks like things are bad as they get surrounded, the robots all shut off as “The Superior”‘s defeat and (Possible?) death has led to the robots failing. Score one for the good guys!!!!

Until…..Ruby and her toy boy Strucker show up and threaten FitzSimmons to fix the chamber. With a bit of hesitation and in Fitz’s case : resignation, they get to work on the chamber. Fitz knows that this is how it came to be but when Jemma’s life is on the line, he’s not going to change what he believes is fate. Making sure Jemma is okay trumps any time loop he’s stuck in.

Also Ruby, if you harm one hair on their heads…….If you thought I didn’t like her before….none of you all have seen anything yet..

So a few big emotional character moments highlight another fantastic episode of Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. Right now, the team is wounded and apart trying to change what looks to be inevitable. The only inevitable thing that I want at this point is a season 6 for what is now and has been for a while the best comic-book show (and one of the best PERIOD) on television


  • The last scene of the episode shows Daisy letting Talbot call his wife to tell her he’s a-ok. EXCEPT…she triggers a trance into Talbot. So now SHIELD once again has a undercover sleeper in it’s midst. This always seems to happen to them,doesn’t it?
  • Ruby rebels from her mom, locking her in Ruby’s room. Supervillain Teen Angst 101 in full effect here.
  • Just look at Mack’s face here. Henry Simmons, I applaud you for this.

  • “After you, better half.” Fitz saying that to Simmons’s gave me all of the feels.
  • Being the third wheel is tough Yo-Yo. I’ve been there plenty of times.

Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D airs on Friday Nights at 9 pm on ABC

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