‘Black Lightning’: 6 Questions We Want Answered at SDCC 2018

The first season of Black Lightning left us with the action packed war against Proctor and the Pierce family seeming to accept the challenge of protecting Freeland. Though they packed an awful lot into the finale, fans are still left with lots of questions about the new season.

With San Diego Comic-Con rapidly approaching, let’s take a moment to ask a few of the questions that we hope get answered during the Black Lightning panel.

1. What’s in the suitcase that Tobias stole?

Tobias and his bandits had Proctor in their cross hairs just as the Pierce’s did. After killing most of the agents, Tobias nabbed a suitcase. He opened it and gave us a villainous smile, but nothing more. Is it the tool he needs to turn those 30 kids into his own super soldiers? Is it what he needs to create more reanimated lackeys like Lala?

2. Are Jeff and Lynn back together for good?

The final porch scene with “Family Affair” bumpin’ in the background made family life seem just peachy, but all season we were off and on the Jefferson and Lynn love train. We know they love each other deeply, but the fear and the secrets were keeping them apart. It seems that Lynn has been able to put that aside for now, but how long will it last? Does she think remaining a family unit will be the best for everyone now that the girls’ powers have manifested? She once called Jeff’s passion for saving the city an addiction- does she still think that? It will be interesting to see if she thinks that about her daughters too.

3. How will Jennifer continue to deal with having super powers?

Jennifer’s struggle to accept her powers has been a great arc. From total rejection to not being afraid to shoot a blast, it has been truly entertaining watching her character deal with becoming a meta-human. Jeff once remarked that Jennifer was a hand full even without powers so exploring how her relationships at home and at school change because of this will be really important. Will she use them on her enemies? This is the same girl that broke someone’s wrist and beat-up a would be boyfriend. Will she use her powers to try to save Khalil? Will she and Anissa clash over how to be a hero? I know I’m cheating with the question count here.

4. Will Anissa explore other female relationships or rekindle with Grace?

Fans were psyched when Anissa met Grace, but the relationship pretty much fizzled before it started. Anissa was coming to terms with her new abilities so having a girlfriend was realistically the last thing on her mind. Will we see her take steps to let someone into her life in the new season? Will Grace be making a reappearance?

5. Will the Black Lighting cast encounter other meta-humans from the DC universe?

I know. I know. Black Lightning wants to make it’s own mark blah blah blah. Seriously, will the characters meet anyone from the multiverse? There doesn’t need to be the huge crossover deal, but will the Pierce family learn that there are other meta-humans that were not turned that way through green light? Will other meta-human villains enter Freeland once Tobias is subdued or defeated?

6. What is the process for choosing the Black Lightning soundtrack?

The soundtrack to season one has been roundly praised by reviewers. Each song seems to have been carefully and perfectly chosen for each scene. How do they plan to top that for the upcoming season? Have they already begun laying out the tracks for each episode?

We have so many more questions and so little time. Comic Con will be here before we know it as will the fall premiere of Black Lightning. Check back with Fangirlish for updates about the Black Lightning panel and the debut of season 2.

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