‘Black Lighting’ SDCC Interview: Christine Adams and Cress Williams Talk Fans and Heroes

Representation matters, right? Yes it does according to some fans of the CW’s hit superhero show Black Lightning.  Premiering earlier this year, Black Lightning has given those fans just what they have always wanted- the chance to see people who look like them don the cape and save the world.

Black Lightning stars Christine Adam and Cress Williams detailed what it was like to meet grateful fans of the show. “African American fans in particular are proud and grateful.  They feel there is a place for it and that these stories should be told,” Adams said during the interview.

Williams added that during the hiatus he visited several conventions and met fans from all walks of life who shared touching stories about their connection to Black Lighting. ” I met an interracial couple and the husband was a black guy from Brooklyn and the wife was this blonde woman from England. He told me about the music and how the show reminded him of trips with this grandmother and then he just became emotional about the show. His wife then started to cry and say how she now understands him more and what he is going through.”

When asked about the character of Jefferson Pierce the man, Adams and Williams discussed the importance of everyday heroes. “Teachers should be of value. Teachers should be at the top of the food chain,” Adams remarked. Williams has always wanted the chance to play a superhero, but also enjoys his time as Jeff. “Jeff is a cool dude! He reminds me how to be a father, how to parent.”

Watch our interview with Black Lightning’s stars here, where they talk more fan interactions and who really deserves the title of hero.

Don’t forget, Black Lightning returns to the CW on Tuesdays this fall.

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