You know how you just keep doing something because you feel like you have to? My best friends had gotten me into the whole vision board thing when I am the LEAST crafty person in our group – perhaps in the entire state of Indiana – but anyway: while theirRead More →


Anyone who watches Black Lightning could have seen the clash of ideas between Jefferson and Anissa coming ten thousand light years away. And of course “The Book of Consequences: Translucent Freak” brought it live. It also brought us Jennifer’s reunion with Khalil, Tobias’ lies, and Lynn’s worst fears to theRead More →

Like episode two, Black Lightning :”Mastery Lowry” continued in the vein of strong story telling for the Pierce family. Lynn is working for a scientific breakthrough, Jennifer is struggling with her fears, Anissa is the resident Robin Hood, and Jefferson is battling at the schoolhouse and for his friendship. AndRead More →

So, this week, Black Lightning continued to coast on it’s successful run. We got more background on Tobias, the emergence of Thunder and ThunderGrace, and the night wouldn’t have been official without some Jeff/Lynn angst. The Stuff Villains are Made Of So, it’s no secret that I haven’t been feelingRead More →

The CW’s newest superhero series charged out of the gate and kept its foot on the gas with episode one, titled “The Resurrection.” It was hard to contain my excitement as I waited for Jefferson Pierce, the clean cut and principled principal to say to hell with it and becomeRead More →