‘Black Lightning’ 2 x 03 “Master Lowry”

Like episode two, Black Lightning :”Mastery Lowry” continued in the vein of strong story telling for the Pierce family. Lynn is working for a scientific breakthrough, Jennifer is struggling with her fears, Anissa is the resident Robin Hood, and Jefferson is battling at the schoolhouse and for his friendship. And somewhere in all of the Tobias is lurking. Though they are all on different tracks, at some point this family will end up at the same place-fighting the same battle. Let’s talk about it!



I am really loving her story line so far. She is working the scientific and medical angle of the green light problem with her full weight, but she is also doing it as a loving mom. I think I said this last week- The Flash could really take some notes from this. They don’t have to steal BL story lines, but they don’t have to make every woman cold and distant because she works in STEM. Or make her compartmentalize her family life so deeply that she can’t reach it fast enough when her children are hurting.

Off my soap box now. Lynn being in charge of the study and of Dr. Jace  is more than interesting. I wonder where that relationship may go. The fact that Jace said something like “This means we can’t be friends” raised some questions for me. Is the woman really crazy? Did something happen to make her that way? Their working relationship is just beginning, and I have a feeling there’s some there there. Maybe Lynn can appeal to her humanity because of her son. I am officially intrigued by this duo.



Poor Jennifer! When she broke down and wailed that everyone thought she was a monster, I had tears in my eyes. Then when her dad scooped her up and essentially apologized for giving her powers, I was done. She has been afraid since the powers first began to manifest, but the full vision Perenna helped her to see was terrifying.

Jennifer feels alone and because no one really understand her powers she has to stay in the house most of the time. What kind of a life is that? Exactly! If Perenna can help Jennifer face her fears and put them into that diamond box, she will be a force to be reckoned with. Then maybe we can get Jennifer back in school and back to being a sassy teen. Any maybe even a full fledged member of Team Pierce when she’s ready.

I just have to say China McClain killed this scene with Cress Williams and Christine Adams! She is a hell of an actress, and her emotional sequences never disappoint.



Anissa was my choice for breakout star of last week’s episode. This week she was still bringing it. Still playing Robin Hood, she and Gambi are in some dangerous territory. I know she feels she is doing the right thing, but I am sure she’s headed for a showdown with her father if not Detective Henderson. Robbing drug houses and arms dealers, she’s making herself a huge target. Having super powers doesn’t mean she’s invincible, and I’m sure her family is gonna have something to say about that.

Her rob the rich and give to the poor antics also don’t seem to jive well with the game she was throwing at Grace. How is seeking out danger (no matter how noble the cause) making room in her life for anyone? If anything, it’s doing the opposite. Just saving lives here and there and keeping the peace is going to be difficult enough. Anissa’s choices will have heavy consequences for everyone she loves.

Her choices will also re-open the wounds between Gambi and her father. It’s pretty easy to predict that Jefferson will be more that livid about Gambi going along with Anissa’s plans and being angry that he wasn’t told about them.



Jefferon Pierce is no longer principal. His role as a father figure to his students is still possible as a teacher, but it will be much harder with Lowry in the way. Though Lowry wasn’t on the screen very long, the seeds of his disdain and jealousy were planted. I predict he’ll be that way for a little while, but he’ll be brought to his knees to beg for Pierce’s help before long. But until then, Jefferson will have to endure his condescension and his pettiness with his head held high. He will have to do it for his students.

While he endures that at work, he has try to patch up a broken friendship. His friend feels betrayed and probably really, really stupid for not figuring out his secret identity sooner.  This episode seemed to thaw that ice some. Detective Henderson came to Jefferson to ask for Black Lightning’s help and then came back to tell him that Tobias had been arrested. He didn’t have to do that, but something in him wanted to. He didn’t want to say anything else, but he knew how much catching his father’s killer would mean to Jefferson. I believe Henderson will come around.  They need each other. Now Anissa- I think she’s gonna pose a massive problem for their fragile relationship.

Tobias and Pain Killer

I can’t lie. I hated Tobias last season until the very last episode. This season, he’s reckless as hell, but staying so low I can’t really get a good feel for what he’s up to. The way he’s pulling Khalil’s strings is crazy but funny. And I appreciate getting a good laugh out of this show in addition to the drama.

Khalil got his track skills going again when Black Lightning grabbed that little dagger. That was funny too! But, did Khalil go back and say something to Tobias? Did Tobias go along with the arrest on purpose? It all seemed to happen so easily, don’t you think? Have we been given any inkling of what’s in that damn briefcase yet?

Other Things I was Thinking:

*Who was Tobias visiting in that crypt?
*The sister/sister and father/daughter scenes in this show are some of the best if not the best on tv!
*Do I know what ASA stands for yet?
*I don’t know if I trust that preacher just yet.

What did you think of Black Lightning: “The Book of Consequences: Master Lowry”?

Black Lightning airs on Tuesday nights on the CW.

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