‘Black Lightning’ SDCC Interview: China Anne McClain Teases A Super Suit and More

When we last saw Jennifer Pierce she had been reluctantly pulled into the family business of saving Freeland. Kicking butt and asking questions later, the youngest of the Pierce heroes has come a long way from her anti- super hero stance by the end of the season, but we’re sure her journey is far from over. At Comic-Con, the bubbly and beautiful China Anne McClain talks all things Jennifer with the round table, starting with suiting up.

“They have definitely measured me for it, but I can’t say too much about it. I can say you guys will love it. It’s very different from Thunder and Black Lightning’s,” the actress said excitedly.

When switching to Jennifer’s attitude towards having powers, McClain reminds us that Jennifer is just a kid. “I think she’s always gonna struggle with it. She’s still just trying to get used to peer pressure- just the simple things of being a teenager. Adding super hero on top of that just complicates things.”

Adding to the complication of powers is her ex-boyfriend Khalil A.K.A. Painkiller. “He basically killed her dad, but he doesn’t know Black Lightning is her dad or that she has powers. She acts like she doesn’t have time for him, but I think deep in her heart she does.”

Watch our interview here, where McClain dishes on much more including afros, how many phones Jennifer has short circuited and possibly adding her musical talents to the Black Lightning soundtrack.

Don’t miss Black Lightning’s second season beginning this fall on the CW.

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