Meet Carol Young…the Latest After Casting News

The After cast just keeps getting better and better, and it’s only the third week of shooting the soon-to-be blockbuster film. With the primary cast stocked with up and coming actors, it seems that the supporting roles are being snagged by Hollywood heavy hitters, and we are loving every new announcement that comes our way.

First, it was OC album Peter Gallagher cast as Hardin’s father. Then it was Flashdance superstar Jennifer Beals as Landon’s mother and Hardin’s soon-to-be step mother.

Now, meet the character we all love to hate…Carol Young, Tessa’s mother, played by the incredible Selma Blair.

Tessa’s mother has kept a tight hold on our favorite heroine from an early age, moulding her to fit into what she feels will be successful, but rarely considering if this coincides with what makes Tessa happy. When Hardin enters Tessa’s world, her mother is quite vocal in her distaste, as Tessa begins to learn of the deceptions her mother has held on to for years.

Blair is no newcomer to the screen. She has already starred in some of the biggest cult classics of the early 2000’s including Cruel Intentions, Legally Blonde and more. More recently, she starred opposite Charlie Sheen in the hit TV show Anger Management.

With such a star studded cast, we are even more eager to see it when it hits screens in early 2019!

What do you think of this latest addition to the After film?

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