See New Pictures From ‘The Tomorrow War’

Some of us are willing to overlook that this is a Chris Pratt movie because like Keith Powers is bae.

See The Character Posters For ‘Snake Eyes: G.I. Joe Origins’

If we’re being honest all we care about is Henry Golding. I mean, G.I. Joe isn’t our thing, but it sure the fuck is when he’s involved.

See The Trailer For ‘Ron’s Gone Wrong’

Best Friend in a box? Is this available? Where can we buy one? See the trailer for #RonsGoneWrong.. you’ll want a best friend in a box too

See The Trailer For ‘Infinite’

Mark Wahlberg. Dylan O’Brien. That’s all we need to know.

‘Blue Miracle’ Movie Review: “Hope Never Dies”

Blue Miracle touches all the fibers to give you hope, to teach you that sometimes impossible things can happen. Hope never dies. We review.

A-Z Movie Reviews: ‘Resident Evil’

Welcome to A-Z Movie Reviews.  Every Sunday, for the next several months, I will be posting a review of a film in my home movie collection.  How it works is, I will be reviewing movies in alphabetical order until I get to the…

Nathalie Emmanuel & Garrett Hedlund Set To Star In Horror Pic ‘The Bride’

I love vampires, but what I love even more is a good vampire movie or TV show. This is the thing, I am very particular about my vampires. I absolutely hate vampire stories where they are created after a genetic…

A-Z Movie Reviews: ‘Red Riding Hood’

We all know the story of Little Red Riding Hood. Imagine if was flipped with a love story added in. It’s time for our A-Z Movie Reviews.

‘Finding You’ Movie Review: “A Movie That Doesn’t Need To Stand On The Back Of ‘Notting Hill'”

#FindingYou isn’t the #NottingHill of a new generation. The movie stands on its own.

See The New Pictures From Jennifer Hudson’s ‘RESPECT’

We’re so looking forward to RESPECT and are loving these brand new photos that were released. See them here!

Florence Pugh Books A New Movie Role

Florence Pugh is a busy actress and we’re excited for all the projects that are coming up. Read about the latest one she’s signed on for!

Rachel Zegler Tapes Herself Seeing The ‘West Side Story’ Teaser For The First Time

Seeing yourself on the big screen has to be so exciting. For #WestSideStory star Rachel Zegler it was. See the video!

Netflix Set Release Date For ‘He’s All That’

Netflix has given us a release date for He’s All That and we’re pretty excited that they followed it up with some new photos.

5 Things We Learned from Horror Film ‘The Resort’

Instead of going for a regular review, we’ve decided to mix things up and talk about the 5 things we learned while watching the horror film The Resort.

Noah Centineo Exits ‘He-Man’

Noah Centineo as He-Man was never a smart choice, so we’re happy that he exited the role.

See The Latest Released Clip For ‘Cruella’

Cruella is out this month and we can’t wait. 2 Emma’s, lots of fashion and it comes from Disney. Sign us up!

See The Trailer For ‘Here Today’ With Billy Crystal & Tiffany Haddish

Tiffany Haddish is a genius. Billy Crystal is a genius. Put them together and we’re thinking this movie will be AMAZING

A-Z Movie Reviews: ‘Orphan’

Sometimes you watch a movie with a twist so good, that you can’t get over it. For me, that movie was Orphan. And we review it here.

People Need to Stop Shitting on 2021’s ‘Mortal Kombat’

People need to stop shitting on 2021’s Mortal Kombat and give it a chance. Read on our review!

‘After We Fell’ Movie Theatrical Release Dates Announced

Hey fellow Afternators! The day we have all been waiting for has finally arrived. The international and U.S. release dates for After We Fell, the third film in the After franchise, have been announced. As you can see the U.S.…

‘Monday’ Is More Than Just a Romantic Trip to Greece Starring Sebastian Stan & Denise Gough

Are you looking for a new movie to watch? We suggest Monday, a film set in Greece starring Sebastian Stan and Denise Gough.