See The Pictures For ‘The Sky Is Everywhere’

#TheSkyIsEverywhere is a beautiful book. We can’t stop staring at these beautiful pics!

The Cast Of ‘Snow White’ Adds A Tony Award Winner

When they announced this casting, we thought he’d be playing the Prince. Yet, we were wrong. And when we’re wrong, we admit it.

The Cast Of ‘Redeeming Love’ Participates In A Q&A

There are some books that stick with you. Personally, I have never been the biggest fan of historical fiction, but I have read Redeeming Love. Now, knowing that it has been adapted to a movie, will I watch it? The…

See The Trailer For The Upcoming Paramount Plus Movie, ‘The In Between’

We’re ready to feel all the feels and #TheInBetween seems like it’s going to make us feel everything. See the pics and the trailer

Disney & Pixar’s ‘Turning Red’ To Debut On Disney+

We’re excited to be able to watch #TurningRed from the comfort of our own home. Disney has announced that the movie will premiere on Disney Plus

See The Photos For The Hallmark Movies & Mysteries’ Movie ‘North To Home’

#NorthToHome looks like a Hallmark movie that we will love. See the trailer for the movie, premiering tomorrow on Hallmark Movie and Mysteries!

Lionsgate Releases Trailer For ‘Moonfall’

Would we go to space to save the world? ummm… well we’re afraid of small spaces. But we’ll watch a movie about it. See the trailer for #Moonfall

TikTok Thinks Bruno from ‘Encanto’ is Hot, and Same

Look, TikTok thinks that Bruno Madrigal from Encanto is hot and who are we to judge? In fact, we might join them!

See The Latest Released Still From ‘The Batman’

We’re counting down the days to March 4th & Robert Pattinson as Batman.

‘Don’t Look Up’ review: Don’t Look For Comedy, Either

Writer-director Adam McKay started off his big screen filmography with broad comedies like Anchorman but has recently veered into satires like The Big Short. These films attempt a timely examination of an issue but with an angle to make the…

See The Character Posters for “Hotel Transylvania: Transformania”

Hotel Transylvania: Transformania debuted their character posters and they are all really bright and cute. We love. See them here

Lacey Chabert Talks About Why She Makes Hallmark Movies

You know we’re trash for Hallmark movies & we love Lacey Chabert. The actress spoke about why she makes Hallmark movies. We love

10 Underrated Movies of 2021

There is only so much time and so many movies to see that maybe you missed some this year. Check out our list of underrated movies of 2021!

The Cast Of ‘Something From Tiffany’s’ Shapes Up Nicely

Shay Mitchell and Zoey Deutch in a movie together is everything we never knew that we needed, but we do.

‘Spider-Man: No Way Home’ Spoiler-Filled Review & Feels

Looking for a spoiler-filled Spider-Man: No Way Home review? We’ve got you covered with that and all the feels you can handle.

The Poster For ‘Uncharted’ Has Us Wanting To See The Movie

Will we see a movie that we know jack shit about because of Tom Holland? Well, is the sky blue? Do we breathe to live?

Sometimes Ben Affleck Makes Sense… And We Mean Sometimes

It is very rare that anything Ben Affleck says makes sense, but from time to time it happens and we respect that.

Tom Holland Wants To Be A Dad

seriously, if you think about it, what bigger flex could a kid have than being like ya, well my dad is spider-man

Our ‘Star Trek’ Gift Guide for 2021

Don’t you worry; we’ve got you covered. Here are some fun goodies you can put under the tree for the Trek fan in your life. Best of all, these gifts should arrive in time for Christmas! 

Our Star Wars Gift Guide for 2021

Looking for a gift for the Star Wars fan in your life? Fangirlish has put together a gift guide to help you out!

Lionsgate Releases The First Five Minutes Of ‘Moonfall’

Would we head to space to possibly save the world? Probably not cause we’re chicken shits. But hey, after these 5 minutes, we’ll watch a movie about it!