Author Anna Todd Launches Represent Campaign to Benefit ‘All Eagles Oscar’

If you have the opportunity to meet Anna Todd there are two things that you will notice immediately – she has a genuine passion for the people around her and she’s as humble as can be. We haven’t met many authors like her. She doesn’t know what it means to not have a relationship with her fans.

She’s just always had it.

In a world where she doesn’t need to give, Anna is always giving. She could be selling After t-shirts on her website and not worrying about anything, but she decided to use her name for good.

The author has launched a represent campaign, selling After t-shirts to benefit All Eagles Oscar. The foundation is, “helping to heal the minds and bodies of veterans suffering from Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD), Traumatic Brain Injury (TBI), Post concussive syndrome, chronic pain issues, and the myriad of symptoms that accompany these diagnoses.
We strongly endorse a non-pharmaceutical approach in the treatment of mental conditions and support a more holistic noninvasive approach to treatment, which includes: neuromodulation, integrated rehabilitation and performance, transcendental meditation, and counseling based on the needs of the warrior. We provide treatment options that not only address the mental and physical needs of those we serve, but equally as important we address the individual goals and requirements of each veteran we work with.”

What a great cause. The foundation has the , “specific purpose of All Eagles Oscar is the distribution of funds, by the foundation, to help provide physical and mental relief to our veterans, active duty service members, and their families suffering from the many combat related afflictions.”

We’re proud to order our sweatshirt and wear it with pride. Not only because we are huge fans of Anna’s, but because we’re so thankful to buy something that we would buy anyways and knowing that it benefits a great organization.

Order yours here.

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