‘Timeless’ is Going to Save Rufus w/ a 2-hour Movie!

Thanks to the continued efforts of Clockblockers all over the world, Timeless is coming back!

The news broke out today that NBC has decided to bring back Timeless for a two-hour movie. The finale is meant to wrap up the Timeless story and most importantly, save Rufus! Filming for the movie will start in October in Los Angeles with expected release in December. Honestly, the perfect Christmas gif for the Clockblocker family.

In a USA Today interview executive producer Shawn Ryan said that the fans efforts absolutely had an impact on this renewal, even if its for a 2-hour movie:

“I know for a fact that the passion of the fans had an impact on NBC and (producing studio) Sony, without a doubt.” He continued on by saying, “All the helicopter signage stuff at Comic-Con was very much on their radar. Trending on Twitter, months after the cancellation, was super-impressive.  It’s such a passionate fan base.”

It might not be the season 3 we wanted but we get to save Rufus! And at the end of the day that’s what matters, bringing our Time Team back together! Now go and tweet the hell out of it. Get your friends to watch. If this can happen…then you never know what our continued efforts could bring forth!

Check out the tweets from Abigail, Matt, Malcolm, and the rest of the Timeless cast!

Timeless returns Fall 2018 for a 2-hour finale.

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