‘After’ Film Finally Gets It’s Director…and We’re Pretty Excited!

Attention all Afternators! This is not a drill!

It feels like we have been waiting for more news on the film adaptation of Anna Todd’s uber popular After for ages. The story that practically broke the internet launched a career like no other, going from over 1 billion reads on Wattpad, to international best seller. The film has been in the works for some time, with snip its of updates coming here and there, but it feels like quite some time since we’ve gotten anything new.

Well, Anna Todd has changed that today, announcing the director of the film. Jenny Gage has officially joined the After family!

Gage is probably best known for her indie film All This Panic, which gained rave reviews from last years Tribeca festival and more. That film was not so different from After, full of angst, social drama and everything teens face, but in documentary form as they were followed from elementary school and into high school. The film tackled similar issues, including mental illness, divorce, sexuality and life in general.

While there is still no definitive release or further information for when we can start getting steady glimpses of the After film in production, we here at Fangirlish are pretty happy with their choice of captain for this journey! Congrats Jenny, welcome to the family!

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