Aviron Announces When We Will See The ‘After’ Movie Trailer

In all my years of Fandom, I have never seen a fandom that is like the After fandom. That’s a bold statement, as I personally have been around and worked in every franchise since Harry Potter. I have seen the passion of Twilight, the fierceness of The Hunger Games, the disappointments of Divergent, and so much more.

But what I have never seen is a fandom that will literally take to the streets, posting flyers on their college campuses, making trailers that they circulate to keep the excitement going, not stopping until the teaser trailer was one of the most successful in 2018 (even when it debuted in November) with over 60 million views.

Over the past few months, fans have become increasingly frustrated, waiting for new content. Sure, they have had photos and clips, but as most fandoms – they have wanted one thing – THE TRAILER.

Now the wait is almost over. Good things come to those who wait after all.

Aviron, the studio distributing the movie in the United States, has announced the premiere date for the trailer. They posted the above Instagram post announcing that the trailer will premiere on Valentines Day.

Today marks two months until the movies premiere and with the announcement, the start of the promotional window for After.

Are you excited for the trailer? What do you hope to see in it?

After premieres April 12th.

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