‘Black Lightning’ SDCC Interview: Nafessa Williams On What’s Next for Anissa

Nafessa Williams’ portrayal of the superhero Thunder is a win for comic book lovers, but it’s more like snagging a championship for those who rarely get to see people who look, speak, and lead lives similar to theirs on the small screen. Anissa is a math and science wiz with the strength of about 50 men, and she’s all this while serving the fiercest of looks- oh yeah, she’s black and she’s a lesbian too.

Anissa took to saving people like a fish to water, but her love for the people of Freeland had a price. The hero put love on the back burner while trying to figure things out and it seems she may still struggle with how to deal with that this fall. “Some challenges she’ll face are being really, really focused but understanding that there’s a balance between her love life and her career and her work as a superhero in the community.”

Anissa’s baby sister was not as eager to join the family of heroes. Williams touched on the tension in that relationship. “This is where the struggle and the conflict with Jennifer comes in. It’s like how can you not wanna come hit the streets with me? She doesn’t understand.”

When asked if she would be just as ready to jump into being a hero as Anissa was, the gorgeous Williams had this to say, “Hell yeah, hell yeah, hell yeah!”

Watch our interview here, where Williams talks family team-ups, Anissa’s love life, a new tech tease and more!

Black Lightning returns for its second season this fall on the CW.

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