‘Black Lightning’ 2×05 Review: “Chapter One: Requiem”

“Requiem” was the perfect title for this week’s episode because there were many dead to mourn in the Lightningverse – or so it seems. The children in Lynn’s lab, Gambi, and other souls at risk in South Freeland all met a sad fate and all that our heroes could do was try to find ways to deal with their own pain.

Gambi’s Death


Gambi’s attack on the streets of Freeland was comparable to an ambush in one of my favorite movies of all time. Like Nick Fury in Captain America: The Winter Soldier, Gambi was traveling in a heavily armored SUV. And like Nick Fury, Gambi is a master of disguise and a careful tactician. Jefferson even remarked that he has “contingency plans for his contingency plans”. That leads me to believe that Gambi just may have gotten out of that jam even though it seems like he didn’t. Once that  SUV is moved, there just may be an underground escape route tunneled underneath it.

That being said, his “death” has leveled a blow to the Pierce family that can’t be denied. It has driven Anissa into the arms of Grace, Jennifer to thawing the ice with her dad, and Jefferson to drinking and reexamining the cost of being a hero.

As soon as Anissa hears of Gambi’s demise, she’s ready to roll out. That’s classic Anissa. Of course her father pours cold water on that idea, and to calm the storm raging inside of her, she goes to find Grace. They have their night together, but Grace knows classic Anissa too, and she isn’t down for it a second time. What Anissa doesn’t realize is that Grace has her own tempest brewing inside of her. What a pair these two will be!

When Jennifer finds out about Gambi, she breaks down. The anger towards her parents, especially her dad begins to dissipate. She kisses him and tells him how much she appreciates him- understanding that tomorrow is not always promised with the people that we love. That feeling is also seeming to extend to Khalil. Day by day he seems to break her down just a little.  News of Gambi’s death brings him right to her window and the lingering looks tell an age old story- reconciliation.

Poor Jefferson. First his father, his career and now Gambi. Trying hard to hold it together for the girls and for Lynn, he turns his pain inward and gets drunk at the bar. He beats up a guy (for good reason though) but then begins to question why he became Black Lightning again. Is the pain worth it all? Are the people worth the sacrifices to his family? To his personal happiness and well-being? All heroes go through the “is it all worth it phase”, but Jeff has done that already. He’s been the hero before and made the choice to come back. He has to relive this all over again- to make that choice and ask those same questions. He also has the girls to guide through this process as well. How will he help them make these tough choices? OR maybe they’ll be the ones helping him see his way through this time around.

Green Light Babies

Lynn is a genius. She figured out the formula to stabilize the kids in the pods and that crazy Dr. Jace lied to get her to start the trials before she was ready. A devastated Lynn popped that lady in the face! Finally. I know she had been ready to do that from the start. I have a feeling that Dr. Jace will be back though. She knows that Lynn has the DNA of a meta-human family so Lynn needs to continue to watch her work and her back.

South Freeland 


Whatever is going on in South Freeland, I am here for it! Rippling under the skin, mercury oozing out of holes in people’s face- It looks like some alien, other universe type stuff, and that is what I am ready to see. I am cool with Tobias as Jeff’s arch enemy but Jeff, Anissa, and Jenn are meta-humans; they need some out of this world foes. Come with it Black Lightning!

Other Things I was Thinking While Watching:

*Tobias has some great lines.
*The contents of the briefcase sort of leaked a bit.
*Was Anissa interning at the health clinic? Volunteering? Did I miss the line?
*Jennifer is gaining control over her powers or the weed is mellowing her out.
*Two Bits is a fool.
*South Freeland looks like “The Hills Have Eyes” territory.
*What the hell is wrong with Grace?

What did you think of “Chapter One: Requiem”? Sound off in the comments or talk to me on Twitter @NaomiAnna_.

Black Lightning airs on the CW Tuesday nights.

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