‘New Amsterdam’ 1×07 Review: The Domino Effect

Well Georgia is super in the picture now, so I’m going to tone down my love for Helen and Max, a little bit anyway. You can’t help what you love, you really can’t. This week was emotional and intense but no sign of Ron Rifkin, sadly. He remains one of my favorites. We did learn a little bit more about some of the characters, and closed some story-lines from the very beginning.

I love this show and so far every episode, but I wouldn’t put this one on my list of favorites. I can pinpoint why, but it just didn’t grab me as much as the others. Probably the lack of Helen and Max moments, though there was one.

Let me break down ‘The Domino Effect’:

The Transplant Chain

So, the main plot for this week was a chain of people donating part of their livers to save others. None of the people could donate directly to their loved ones, so their ‘piece’ goes to someone else, in need, until the entire chain is complete. Knowing New Amsterdam is a drama, there was no way this chain was going to go off without a hitch and it came quickly, when donor number one dropped out.

Max tried to keep the chain alive by continuing with the next donor even though that donor’s family wouldn’t get a liver, and it failed. Eventually, it was through a father trying to save his sick daughter that the chain was made complete once again. This father was willing to do what no one else was, give away a piece of his body and possibly getting nothing in return. That was where many of my tears came from this week.

Max Taking Care Of Himself

We learned about Max’s cancer in episode one, and his wife just found out. I may not always praise Georgia (because she gets in the way of my ship and all) but I’m glad she knows, because she is finally forcing Max to care for his illness. Don’t get me wrong, it still took a lot, but she got him to make the first step a reality with some molar removal.

Georgia, you get a small win in the book this week from me.


Closing Chains

The transplant chain wasn’t the only thing that needed to be completed this week. Dr. Frome’s troubled teenager who we’ve seen from day one started to break from her continued stay at the hospital. Can I just say that if I had to pick a second favorite doctor on this show (okay, third because I really love Helen), it would be Iggy Frome. He is amazing and Tyler Labine brings it in this role. He gets Jemma into her foster home even after an almost disastrous setback. I have loved the interactions between Jemma and Frome so far, and I hope she doesn’t get in trouble, but I do hope we get to see them interact more in the future.

Favorite Scene (Moment is more accurate)

Ok, I said I wouldn’t go into my Sharpwin ship too much because Georgia is more present, and she is Max’s wife, but you gotta give me a little fun. When we first see the transplant chain, Max and Helen are at the dry erase board with their backs to us. Max has his hand on Helen’s back and then her arm as he backs away from her to start the final run through. Their little moment warmed my Sharpwin heart, which I really needed since Georgia has made herself a lot more present. I’m not the only one ready to see Helen and Max sail off into the sunset. 

Agree? Disagree? Share your thoughts in the comments below!

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