New Amsterdam left many of our character’s careers, relationships, and possibly lives in the balance at the end of the mid-season finale. Helen has lost her department. Iggy may be losing his husband. Max is in remission but we’re still worried about him. And, there is literally a prison breakRead More →


DamFam, today is a great day! NBC ordered the series renewal for three more years extending its air date to 2022-23! This is excellent and comes right before the show is set to return on Tuesday, January 14th.  What does this news mean for us? First and foremost, the chancesRead More →

Every aspect of New Amsterdam is only getting better and better, particularly the DamFam in season two of the NBC medical drama. Social media has affectionately dubbed the cast, crew, and fanbase of the show the “DamFam” as a sign of love and unity. But what makes the DamFam soRead More →

In the premiere, the writers caught us up and set the stage for the rest of the season. The second episode, “The Big Picture”, brought us into the present and back to what makes New Amsterdam so good. We’re starting to see how Max is dealing (or not dealing) withRead More →

Alright, DamFam, things ended with a bang (literally) last season and we’ve been waiting all summer to find out who didn’t survive the crash. We have the answer now and even though it’s the one we were most ok with, it was still devastating. We have much to discuss withRead More →

Holy cliffhanger, Batman! New Amsterdam pulled out all the stops for the season finale, ‘Luna’, and lives are literally hanging in the balance. Lives that frankly, if they’re lost, will lose me along with other viewers of the show. The preview set up a life or death situation for GeorgiaRead More →

New Amsterdam‘s “Happy Place” was great in the Sharpwin department but felt boring everywhere else. Don’t get me wrong, there were some nice moments that the show is becoming known for but nothing pulled me in. If anything, Helen, Max, Iggy, and Reynolds definitely stole the show this week. AndRead More →

I’m a few episodes off on my reviews due to trying to work night shift and write, which is probably not impossible but I found it to be. But I’m back and we need to catch up on what’s happening on New Amsterdam’s “Five Miles West.” My favorite character, DeanRead More →

Well Georgia is super in the picture now, so I’m going to tone down my love for Helen and Max, a little bit anyway. You can’t help what you love, you really can’t. This week was emotional and intense but no sign of Ron Rifkin, sadly. He remains one ofRead More →

After a week without Max’s wife, Georgia, she’s back, attempting to win me over, but I am still on Team Sharpwin. That is beside the point, though. This week dealt with good news, ancient illnesses, and family in the way only New Amsterdam can, with a sprinkle of hope in allRead More →

Ah, this week touched on some real society issues and it was hard to watch (not because of the quality,  but because of the subject matter). But if Max taught me anything, it’s that the political drama or societal drama are not the story. New Amsterdam did a great jobRead More →

I am pleased to share that this week has delivered yet another excellent episode of New Amsterdam. Max ran into some trouble and didn’t save the day right away, which is refreshing for those who think he’s too perfectly written. It also adds a layer to his character, as weRead More →

I know I’ve been gushing about this show for the past three weeks, but it’s all worth it because NBC has ordered a full season of New Amsterdam. That means more Helen Sharpe chemistry moments with Max Goodwin while I pretend to root for his marriage. And, it means soRead More →

I am so in love with this show and I can’t get over it! New Amsterdam isn’t filled with drama, but heart instead and I really need a dose of that every week, not to mention some Ryan Eggold. I won’t lie, I’m getting nervous for Chicago Med because IRead More →