New Amsterdam 4×22 Review: “I’ll Be Your Shelter”

New Amsterdam 4x22
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  1. Leyren End Game -We die says:




  2. sabrevni says:

    i think the ending was ok considering you are the 2nd reviewer to say that the finale was awful. if everyone got what was expected in the finale, it wouldn’t really solicit a response like yours. honestly, it would be hohum..just another series. the added disappointment and drama makes a good start for the next season finale

  3. Daria says:

    The worst finale I ever saw. Two minutes of Helen Sharpe on phone and then “I can’t” such a waste or rather insult to a her charakter.

  4. Shana says:

    More sad indeed. Lauren totally needed that realization of power dynamics, but it really doesn’t make seeing Leyren separate like that much easier. Just soul-sucking across the board.

  5. Shana says:

    Definitely an insult. Not sure if it’s the worst of all time for me but definitely the worst for this series. A. Waste.

  6. Shana says:

    So, you’re saying it was good because people had a strong negative reaction to what they saw? Ok, I guess.

    As far as “if everyone got what they expected in the finale” goes, let’s stop right there because a lot of wrong assumptions are being made here. I tend to only go into episodes, especially finales, expecting nothing other than the standard of quality the series in question generally tends to have. I don’t know what about the wording here implies it’s any one thing I wanted or expected not happening that provoked my response to what aired, so much as it was poor execution that did a disservice to the overall arc, the characters, and viewers.

    In addition, there’s a huge difference between something “bad” or “negative” happening, or even something leaving plot open to more storytelling, to make people come back for resolution…and actually just a bad episode. Literally no one asked for 100% resolution at the end of the fourth season of a five-season show. Actually, it’s pretty insulting to the intelligence of a viewer who’s been analyzing these things for years to imply that’s what the review is getting at.

    Intelligent viewers, especially those of us who review these shows from an analytical perspective, don’t need trope-laden cliffhangers and every major relationship on the rocks to want to come back for another—in this case final and shortened—season. In fact, I’d say that type of writing provokes the exact opposite urge, particularly when a season finale centers the worst character on the series instead of the ones worthy of the time. “Added disappointment” doesn’t make anyone eager to spend precious time in our short lives on more. There’s also good drama, which New Amsterdam typically provides, and manufactured nonsense for the sake of drama. This finale was 99.9% the latter.

    But sure, I guess. “Hohum” is totally what we wanted. That’s 100% what this review was about. Nailed it!

  7. Carma says:

    Ho-hum, idiotic, disgusting, disappointing, frustrating, unnecessary, Etc. After the contrived storylines for all the major characters this season, especially Sharpwin, this is not what fans deserved. It was totally necessary to see a wedding for the season 4 finale. No amount of justification is going to make it right when it returns in season 5 – no matter what Helen’s explanation is, it’s just wrong

  8. Shana says:

    I don’t even know that I agree about the season overall, Carma, but I’d tend to agree about your thoughts on the episode for sure. And I also can not come up with anything right now that will work as Helen’s explanation. The writers certainly have their work cut out for them.

  9. Jody Tienda says:

    I have to admit that finale sucked! I was so excited because I had watched The Good Doctor and was not disappointed. As a fan of N A I kept asking, is there a part two to this? I realize life is not all joy and flowers, but does it have to suck for everyone all at once? Seriously!!

    I will return for season 5 just to see if the writers can recover from amnesia and write the show again thar I love!!!

  10. Shana says:

    I don’t understand why it had to suck for everyone all at once either, Jody. I really don’t. As if we don’t get enough of that in real life right now…

  11. Victor Monaco says:

    I may be done. I’ve had enough of the on-off relationships and all the disasters.

  12. Audrey says:

    I agree 100% with your New Amsterdam S4 finale review. I can’t express how disappointed I was basically over the way the season ended, but overall, with the writing and character depictions throughout the season. It seems like the continuity in writing was off. Where they should have developed and devoted more time to events between characters, they did not. I always felt like there were some backstage issues going on that we as fans were not aware of. The entire Veronica storyline, unnecessary. Floyd (Jocko Sims) wasted this season with that terrible storyline where it ends with him being ok to give up his rights to his baby. Iggy and Trevor without, Martin and kids barely on screen. Iggy for a Dr of psychiatry is pathetic. I agree that Leyren needed to have been more fleshed out and been on the screen working through their issues as should have Sharpwin where their scenes mostly took place remotely. We’re all upset because we know that there are only 13 episodes next season to resolve everything. We know what this show once was from the beginning to where it ended at this season. We love the actors and cast and have come to expect excellence and we’ve seen how a show that is written well can make us feel in relating to a story. Where was the “joy” we were promised? Every couple broken, and unrecognizable characters.

  13. alea says:

    The hour focused on Iggy. I was pleased when Martin asked “broken wings”
    to move out. After repeatedly lying and insulting Martin. Iggy is annoying.
    The writers decision to toss the wedding (Sharpwin) was very disappointing.
    Can’t Helen and Max catch a break and be happy? Why was Helen’s scenes and dialogue less than two minutes in the finale? After four years
    of cheering for this wonderful couple, Max and Helen, it was painful to watch.
    Actually insulting to the Freyma and the Sharpwin fan base.

  14. Lorolie says:

    Season 4 finale was my series finale. Season 5 isn’t worth my time. I love Ryan, Freema Jacko,and Janet but I will keep up with them on other projects. I am done with this roller coster ride called New Amsterdam.

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