‘New Amsterdam’ 4×13 Review: “Family”

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  1. Sharon Clay says:

    Yes I want to see Max and Helen deal with problems that comes up their saying Burden Me love it when u work hard thru the rough times the easy ones just fall in place we are not perfect we love that person with all their little annoyance and after Helen deals with the pain of her mother she can love Max and Luna like she was at the hospital and the Dam Fam work thru their issues also cause like the title said Family and to me I no my family is everything thru the good and the bad and I have been thru some bad times ups and downs ins and out and we are closer stronger and better Max and Helen and The Dam Fam you guys are going to be alright the storm is about to pass and I wish you all Joy in your lives cause you guys are a great group of people love my New Amsterdam love you

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