‘New Amsterdam’ 4×04 Review: “Seed Money”

Max and Helen try to settle their affairs as they plan for their future in New Amsterdam’s “Seed Money” to varying results.

‘New Amsterdam’ 4×03 Review: “Same As It Ever Was”

When watching New Amsterdam, Max’s whole, “let’s reach for the stars and fix all the problems” attitude has always been equal parts endearing, frustrating, and…well, kinda hilarious. In “Same As It Ever Was,” though, it gave him all of that…

‘New Amsterdam’ 4×03 Pictures: “Same As It Ever Was”

New Amsterdam 4×03 “Same As It Ever Was” has Max and Helen making out in the middle of the hospital, and that’s all we can see.

‘New Amsterdam’ 4×02 Review: “We’re In This Together”

New Amsterdam 4×02 “We’re In This Together” is about Sharpwin, of course, but it’s also about partners, and about teamwork.

‘New Amsterdam’ 4×02 Pictures: “We’re In This Together”

The pictures for New Amsterdam 4×02 “We’re In This Together” promise us we don’t have to come down from our Sharpwin high just yet.

‘New Amsterdam’ 4×01 Review: “More Joy”

The first minute of the season 4 premiere of #NewAmsterdam was so hot that our mouths were on the floor. But in the BEST WAY!

New Amsterdam 4×01 Advance Review: “More Joy”

New Amsterdam returns for season 4 with an episode that’s truly predictable in some ways – good and bad – and utterly impossible to predict at others.

‘New Amsterdam’ Season 4 is Gonna be the Sharpwin Season

New Amsterdam season 4 is going to be the Sharpwin season. Don’t believe us? Look at what’s been released so far.

‘New Amsterdam’ Sends A Message With Season 4 Poster

New Amsterdam is probably not trying to send a message with its season 4 poster, but if it were, we’d support that message.

Tyler Labine And The Disrespecting Of A Fandom, Not Just A Ship

You know how as a kid your Mom would tell you to not say anything if you didn’t have something nice to say? Someone missed that lesson.

7 Sharpwin Fics to Celebrate the Ship

Some people apparently have a problem with Sharpwin. In their honor we’re diving head first into Sharpwin fic. Only happiness here!

Michelle Forbes To Join ‘New Amsterdam’ For Season 4

Michelle Forbes is joining the cast of New Amsterdam for season 4, and that means we’re getting a latina doctor, so trust us, we’re happy.

15 Feel-Good Shows to Stream While We Wait for ‘Ted Lasso’ Season 2

It’s Ted Lasso premiere month! There are plenty of feel-good shows to fall in love with while we wait for Season 2. Check out our list for some awesome recommendations!

10 Sharpwin Fanvids to Swoon Over

You want to die of Sharpwin feels? We’ve got some (okay, 10, we narrowed it down to 10) fanvids so you can drown in your feels with us.

‘New Amsterdam’ 3×14 Review: “Death Begins in Radiology”

New Amsterdam 3×14 ends with the show mourning the things we have to leave behind as we go back to some semblance of the life we had before.

‘New Amsterdam’ 3×14 Pictures: “Death Begins in Radiology”

New Amsterdam 3×14 “Death Begins in Radiology” promises to give us everything we want and more. So where’s the catch?

‘New Amsterdam’ 3×13 Review: “Fight Time”

New Amsterdam is all about the fight – the fight for something better, to be better, better treatments, and better lives. And this episode the fight was on.

‘New Amsterdam’ 3×13 Advance Review: “Fight Time”

New Amsterdam 3×13 “Fight Time” is a typical New Amsterdam episode, emotional, poignant and at times a little anxiety-inducing.

‘New Amsterdam’ 3×13 Pictures: “Fight Time”

New Amsterdam 3×13 “Fight Time” picks up in the aftermath of last episode’s emotional hour. So, why do the pictures show nothing?

‘New Amsterdam’ 3×12 Review: “Things Fall Apart”

New Amsterdam’s 3×12 “Things Fall Apart” is the quintessential Sharpwin episode, and we can’t look away. You won’t be able to either.

‘New Amsterdam’ 3×12 Pictures: “Things Fall Apart”

We already know New Amsterdam 3×12 “Things Fall Apart” will be a rollercoaster of emotions, even if the pictures are trying to trick us.