‘New Amsterdam’ 3×10 Review: “Radical”

New Amsterdam 3×10 “Radical” focuses on change. The change we can make, the change we can’t control, and the change we welcome.

‘Stop and Fangirl’ Episode 116: Why You Should Be Watching ‘New Amsterdam’

Lizzie talks us through our latest pandemic TV obsession the NBC medical drama New Amsterdam.

‘New Amsterdam’ 3×09 Review: “Disconnected”

New Amsterdam 3×09 “Disconnected” left us feeling about as angry as any episode of TV has in recent memory. Join us as we discuss why.

‘New Amsterdam’ 3×09 Pictures: “Disconnected”

The pictures for New Amsterdam 3×09 “Disconnected” are here, and we’re really excited for this episode, we’re not gonna lie.

‘New Amsterdam’ Sets Frances Turner As Recurring

New Amsterdam is one of the best shows on television and we’re excited for this actor to be recurring.

‘New Amsterdam’ 3×07 Review: ‘The Legend Of Howie Cournemeyer’

Here’s the thing about New Amsterdam, they are willing to tackle issues head on and that’s definitely part of the beauty of this impactful show.

‘New Amsterdam’ 3×07 Pictures: “The Legend of Howie Cournemeyer”

The pictures for New Amsterdam 3×07 “The Legend of Howie Cournemeyer” are here, and we’re not sure if this is plot heavy or filler.

‘New Amsterdam’ 3×06 Review: “Why Not Yesterday”

On New Amsterdam 3×06 “Why Not Yesterday” Max sets out to end systemic racism and Helen makes a big decision.

‘New Amsterdam’ 3×06 Pictures: “Why Not Yesterday”

New Amsterdam 3×06 “Why Not Yesterday” looks to be a heavy episode that’s bound to get us emotional. Check out the pictures.

‘New Amsterdam’ 3×04 Review: “This Is All I Need”

Once again, New Amsterdam proves that it is one of the best shows on television and should be watched by everyone.

‘New Amsterdam’ 3×04 Pictures: “All I Need”

The pictures for New Amsterdam 3×04 “All I Need” are here, and it’s good to see Max smiling and hugging his kid. It truly is.

New Amsterdam 3×03 Review: “Safe Enough”

New Amsterdam 3×03 “Safe Enough” stays firmly in the now as it examines the question of if we will ever feel safe enough.

‘New Amsterdam’ 3×03 Pictures: ” “Safe Enough”

New Amsterdam 3×03 “Safe Enough” airs next week and the pictures are either telling us we’re gonna get a lot of Helen, or they’re trying to hide what the actual plot of the episode is, always possible considering more often…

‘New Amsterdam’ 3×02 Review: “Essential Workers”

It’s been a long time since an hour of. television has hit me this hard, so sorry for the 3.5K words.

ABC’s Of Ships: Sharpwin Edition

New Amsterdam returned and we continue to fall in love with Sharpwin more and more every day. We bring you an ABC of Sharpwin.

‘New Amsterdam’ 3×01 Review: “The New Normal”

New Amsterdam 3×01 “The New Normal” hits it out of the park, in every respect. Bring Kleenex, you’re going to need them.

‘New Amsterdam’ 3×02 Pictures: “Essential Workers”

The pictures for New Amsterdam 3×02 “Essential Workers” are here, and they’re clearly trying to hide something. Can you guess what?

‘New Amsterdam’ Season 3 Preview

New Amsterdam returns next week with an episode that will tug at your heartstrings, even more than an already emotional show typically does. This isn’t just because they are, indeed, tackling the elephant in every room, the COVID pandemic, but…

‘New Amsterdam’ Releases Season 3 Key Art

New Amsterdam season 3 premieres in a couple of weeks, and here’s the key art and the episode 1 synopsis to make us worry, of course.

‘New Amsterdam’ 3×01 Pictures: “The New Normal”

New Amsterdam finally has a return date, and some pictures for the episode 3×01 “The New Normal.” Check them out here!

Ships We Want to See Set Sail in 2021

We already talked the best ships of 2020, let’s now turn our attention to the ships we want to see happen in 2021.