‘Legends of Tomorrow’ SDCC Interview: Nick Zano and Phil Klemmer Talk Nate’s Journey

Season 4 of Legends of Tomorrow is going to introduce a few new wrinkles to the show. As we talked to show-runner Phil Klemmer and Nick Zano, who plays Nate Heywood, a few things were brought up during the chat.

Nate’s past is going to be explored more as Tom Wilson (Back to the Future) has been cast as Nate’s dad for season 4. Expect a few more details from Nate’s past to be explored but not to lean to heavy into the comics. As Nick says, Legends doesn’t try to rely on the comics too much but instead “Stay in their own wheelhouse.”

As for the season premiere…not much was spoiled, but Klemmer did discuss how the writers came up with a idea so far out that it shocked even him. Also Phil talks about how even with how funny Legends can get, the writers deep connection to the characters keep the show grounded even in the midst of the wildness.

Check out the interview below with more insight from Nick Zano and Phil Klemmer!

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